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Republicans Who Don’t Want Trump Need a Viable Alternate Candidate

February 29, 2016

Those Republicans who don’t want Donald Trump need a better alternative candidate than either member of the Cuban junior varsity.

Neither Senator Ted Cruz nor Senator Marco Rubio can win in November.  Cruz and his supporters aren’t even smart enough to realize that he isn’t eligible to be president.  Rubio might be a viable candidate when he grows up, but right now he’s just an inexperienced virtual political child.   Their only appeal is to Republican true believers who don’t understand that most people don’t share their simplistic view of political reality.

The Republican Party is a minority party and must attract Democrats and Independents to win.  Cruz and Rubio can’t attract Independents or Democrats.  The only thing they can do is attract enough Republicans to keep Trump’s competitors from winning  enough votes to compete.   If they had stayed out of the race it is very possible that one or two of the governors would have been competitive with Trump.   Some of those who want a candidate outside of politics  might be supporting Dr. Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina if they hadn’t been stuck at the back of the pack because they couldn’t pass the Cubans.

Trump is winning because the Cubans have eliminated his competition.  Those who would have voted for the other candidates have switched to Trump as it has become apparent the other candidates cannot  win.  Trump is also winning because people recognize he is a leader who is larger than life.  He’s the only presidential candidate since President Ronald Reagan who is larger than life.  Being larger than life refers to a person’s personality.  Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon were larger than life in spite of their flaws.

Trump’s opponents may have waited too long to stop him.  The longer they wait the lower their chances of stopping Trump. Chris Christie and Jeb Bush may be the only ones who have enough name recognition to have a chance.

Cruz is a naturalized citizen because his citizenship come from naturalization law.  He did not become a citizen by being born.  He became a citizen because his parents met the conditions necessary to have a child become a naturalized citizen.

A natural born citizen automatically and unconditionally becomes a citizen at birth if the birth occurs in the United States.    Consider the following examples.  A Mexican woman crosses the border into Arizona.  Fifteen yards into Arizona she gives birth.  They child would be a citizen because it was born in the U.S.   In a Los Angeles hospital an Iraqi woman gives birth just before dying from wounds she received while conducting a terrorist attack.  In spite of the mother’s actions the child would become a citizen because it was born in the U.S.

Cruz did not automatically become a citizen at birth because his mother had to meet certain conditions to obtain citizenship for him.  If she had only been 18 when he was born he could not have become a citizen.  If she hadn’t been married to his father he could not have become a citizen.

GH Gas Claimers Virtually Admit They Know They Are Lying

February 19, 2016

If those who claim that carbon dioxide has some special insulating properties really believe their claims, why aren’t they encouraging the use of carbon dioxide to insulate buildings in winter.  If concentrations of CO2 of only a few hundred parts per million can cause earth to become warmer then pure carbon dioxide used as an insulation for buildings should be even more effective at holding in heat.  If CO2 could be used as insulation, CO2 emissions would be collected so the gas could be used to insulate buildings

The CO2 would have to be placed in some type of container. For new buildings the container would presumably be something rigid. For older buildings, a plastic bag could be inserted into the walls.   I suppose there would need to be some equipment to pull the CO2 out of the container into a separate container for storage. during the summer so the building wouldn’t get too warm.

I tried a search for CO2 insulation and only found products designed to insulate electrical equipment.   Of course the reason no one offers CO2 products to  insulate buildings is because no one really believes CO2 has any special insulating properties.   The fact is that CO2 cannot trap earth’s heat and thus it could not insulate buildings any better than other atmospheric gases.

The Apprentice and the Presidential Island

February 18, 2016

I’ve  never been interested in the survivor type programs, including  Donald Trump’s sophisticated program “The Apprentice“, but am familiar with the basic way they work.

The Apprentice” provides the best model for choosing a president, but the political parties should also consider the process of “voting people off the island”.   On the basic “Survivor”    programs contestants are divided into tribes and work together to survive in a wilderness setting.  They conduct periodic votes in which individuals are gradually “voted off the  island” until only one remains.  On “The Apprentice” contestants are assigned business related tasks.  Donald Trump, or comparable people in other countries, gradually eliminates  the least productive individuals by telling them “you’re fired.”

Trump based his decisions on how well the individual contestants “walked the walk” rather than how well they “talked the talk.”   Those who want to be the U.S. CEO [i.e.,  president] should have to first demonstrate they can run an organization such as a major corporation or state first.   Those candidates like Sen. Marco Rubio who have never run an organization should be fired or kicked  off the island in the first round.    Any candidate can mumble the appropriate political cliches and promise  to do this, that and the other thing.  Would be presidents need to demonstrate that they actually can do this, that and the other thing.

Governors should be the easiest to evaluate because their duties are similar to the president’s particularly  in the area of working with the legislative branch of government.   Both corporate CEO’s and governors  can be evaluated on how well they select subordinates. For example,  the New Jersey “bridgegate” scandal raises questions about  how well Gov. Chris Christie selects subordinates .  Voters would want to how well governors delivered on the promises that got them elected.   Investors are usually interested in the  profitability of a business which can depend on economic conditions.  Voters should be more interested in the type  of risks a CEO took while running the business.  For example, did the CEO take calculated risks or take reckless chances, or perhaps just continue doing things they had always been done.   Governors can also be evaluated on whether continued doing things the way they had always been done or found more effective ways to providing government services.

Democrats should have voted “Calamity” Clinton off their island long ago.  Calamity has been an ongoing disaster for the Democrats since her husband began running for President. She has a history of bad decisions. Her foolish decision to represent a corrupt savings and loan before a board appointed by her husband caused the appointment of a special prosecutor who eventually charged Bill with perjury. Opposition to  the health care plan she developed early in his administration helped the Republicans take control of Congress.

She had our ambassador stay in Benghazi in spite of an attack on the British ambassador’s motorcade in that city in June.  She seems unable to understand that she could have prevented his assassination by withdrawing him from Benghazi prior to 9/11/2012.  Many American cities recognize the possibility to terrorist activity on the anniversary of the original 9/11 attack.  Why didn’t Clinton?  Her foolish decision to use a private e-mail server while Secretary of State may have compromised national security.

Wrong Groups Protest Illegal Immigration

February 13, 2016

Protests of illegal immigration into the United States are peculiar because the wrong groups are protesting.

Most of those protesting immigration are white folks who don’t want the entry level jobs the illegal immigrants usually take, particularly those involving manual labor or domestic service.   These jobs are the type of jobs young blacks need to enter the labor force.  Members of ethnic groups trying to enter the American labor force often begin with the least desirable jobs so that their children can have an opportunity for better jobs later.    The loss of entry level  jobs to illegal immigrants is keeping black unemployment higher than it should be.   Hispanic ancestry citizens and those who are in the country legally also can lose jobs to those who are in the country illegally.

President Barack Obama is undoubtedly encouraging illegal immigration because the corporate interests that bought the White House for him want a labor surplus so they can keep wages down and find people who are willing to work for less than the minimum wage.

The immigrants that take jobs from whites  often are legal immigrants.   Some tech companies use the H1B immigration program to replace American employees with immigrants who will work for less.

Many of those who complain about “illegals” have the misconception that they are all from Mexico and come into the country by illegally crossing the border from Mexico.   Many of those who enter the country by illegally crossing the border are from Central America rather of Mexico.   Some of those who enter the country illegally arrive by sea from Asia, the Middle East or Africa.    Many of those who are in the country illegally entered the country legally on student or tourist visas and simply “forgot” to leave.

Why Is Rush Limbaugh Helping the Democrats?

February 7, 2016

Rush Limbaugh doesn’t understand that he is the best friend the Democrats have.  He is helping them get the devotion of the Main Stream Media.

Most national journalists don’t understand  politics, but somewhere they got the notion that politics is like fifties television westerns.  They believe politics is a contest between good guys and bad guys and the good guys are called “liberals”.  Journalists have no idea what the term “liberal” means, but they are convinced “liberals” are the Roy Rogers and Lone Ranger of politics.

Limbaugh may score points with those who consider themselves “conservatives” when he mislabels Democrats as “liberals”, but the practice helps Democrats get media and public support they do not deserve.

There was a time when Democrats could be considered liberals, but liberals do not always remain liberals.  Friedrich Nietzsche  once observed:  “Liberal institutions straightway cease from being liberal the moment they are soundly established: once this is attained no more grievous and more thorough enemies of freedom exist than liberal institutions.”

Once liberals get what they want, they defend their creations like a mama bear protecting her cubs.

The fact is that liberal Democrats are an endangered, if not extinct, political species. Most national level Democrats tend to be ultraconservative elitist control freaks and thus the antithesis of liberals.

Real liberals look for new approaches to dealing with social problems and operating government.  Democrats haven’t had a new idea in 50  years.  They have only one approach to dealing with social problems — heavy government regulation and large spending programs controlled from Washington.

Real liberals tolerate the opinions of others.  Democrat are “true believers”  who attack anyone with the audacity to suggest Democrats are wrong regardless of how simple-minded the Democrat favored ideas are.

Real liberals have compassion.  Democratic leaders favor policies that would please Adolph Hitler.  Democrats believe in aborting babies which don’t possess the characteristics Hitler desired for his “master race”.   No real liberal could support abortion.

Real liberals would recognize that there is only one race of Americans, if not humanity in general.   Democrats practice Archie Bunker “politics”.   For those unfamiliar with the old “All in the Family” television show,  Archie Bunker was a bigoted character who lived with his wife and their daughter and her husband.   An ad for the show used a segment in which Archie explained a “balanced” political ticket to his son-in-law Michael.  Archie may have used different words, but he explained that his party ran a black candidate for one position, a Jew for one position, an Italian for another, etc. and a “Regular American”, a white guy like Archie, for the final position.     Democrats believe Americans belong to different races with all members within an ethic group wanting the same thing.

Like Archie Bunker, Democrats believe only white people are the regular Americans and everyone else is a quasi American.   For example, to Democrats black Americans are Africans [living in] America and those with Asian ancestry are Asians [living in] America.

Limbaugh also lies when he says Democrats are anti-business or anti-corporation.   The fact is that Democrats are just as pro-business as Republicans, but Democrats often favor different businesses than Republicans.

Democrats tend  to favor businesses that want something from government and thus are willing to help Democrats win elections.  For example,  health insurance companies were  upset because some people weren’t buying their over priced health insurance.  The companies convinced their pet Democrats to pass legislation requiring everyone to obtain health insurance, with penalties for those who don’t comply.  If Democrats hadn’t been pro-business, the program would have set up a government run program financed by a tax based on a person’s ability to pay, with people being allowed to escape the tax by purchasing private insurance.

Democrats also demonstrate their pro-corporation inclination by their support for the greatest corporate fraud in history, Enron’s global warming scam.  The claim that changes in the carbon dioxide content of the air of a few parts per million could change air temperatures is so absurd,  it should be recognized as obviously false by any intelligent person.

Real liberals tend to be optimists who look on the positive side.  Democrats belong to the “disaster of the month club”.    They warn of impending doom if their policies are not followed on issues like global warming nonsense.

Liberal President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  Today’s Democrats say we should fear this, that and the other thing.”

Limbaugh’s continued misrepresentation of Democrats as “liberals” gives them a positive image they do not deserve.  The Democratic Party is a rotten apple that is corrupt to its core.  Democrats think they are better than the rest of us, but are really worse.

9th Circuit Court Would Likely Keep Cruz Off Ballot

February 6, 2016

Those who think Sen. Ted Cruz can be elected to a job he isn’t eligible for are ignoring the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.   If Republicans make the mistake of nominating Cruz for President of the United States,  Democrats in California and other states will challenge his eligibility.  There’s at least a 90% probability the  9th Circuit Court in San Francisco would rule him ineligible because he is a naturalized citizen rather than a “natural born citizen” as required by the Constitution.

Then Republicans would have to choose whether to take a chance on the Supreme Court overturning the ruling or replace Cruz with someone else.   Either way the Republican campaign would be delayed and the Democrat would  be able to run unopposed for some time.  Republicans would have trouble getting a campaign started.

Article 2 of the United States Constitution establishes eligibility for the office of  President of the United States:  “No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen Years a resident within the United States.”    The 14th Amendment states: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States.”

Cruz was not born in the United States so he cannot be a “natural born citizen” of the United States.  He is a  naturalized citizen because his mother took advantage of a naturalization “short cut”  that allows some U.S citizens to obtain citizenship for their children who are born outside the United States.   This naturalization process is not automatic and is not available to all children born to U.S. citizens outside the United States.    Children born in the United States are automatically citizens.   The parents of children outside the United States must request the child be given citizenship and demonstrate they are eligible to  obtain citizenship for their children

When Cruz was born a child could only qualify for citizenship under this provision in naturalization law  if at least one citizen parent had lived in the United States for at least 10 years, including five years after the age of 14, and the parents were married to each other.  Barack Obama had to provide evidence he was born in Hawaii to be a U.S. citizen. He could not have become a citizen if he had been born in Kenya  because his mother  had not lived in the United States the required five years after her 14th birthday.  Thousands of individuals fathered by American soldiers in Vietnam could not become U.S. citizens by this procedure because their fathers were  not married to their mothers.
A federal appeals court that would order states to accept same sex marriage would not hesitate to keep an ineligible presidential candidate off the ballot, particularly a candidate who would be likely to nominate Supreme Court justices who might vote to overturn the appeals court’s rulings.


Whoopi Goldberg Rejects Racist Label

February 4, 2016

Whoopi Goldberg Rejects Racist Label

ABC’s “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg has joined fellow “View” co-host Raven-Symoné   in rejecting the extremely racist term “African-American”.

“You know what uh uh! This is my country,” Goldberg said. “My mother, my grandmother, my great-grand folks, we busted ass to be here. I’m sorry. I’m an American. I’m not an African-American, I’m not a chick American, I’m an American!”

In October, 2014, Raven told Oprah Winfrey’ “I’m tired of being labeled. I’m an American. I’m not an African American; I’m an American.”

The time has come to eliminate this term “African-American” which perpetuates the old Southern racist concept that dark complexioned Americans are a separate race from light complexioned Americans.     Those using the term essentially rely on the racist concept of “part black all black” [the one drop rule] rather than looking at all of a person’s ancestors.

For example, journalists routinely label Asian ancestry golfer Tiger Woods “African-American” even though  he has an Asian mother and a father with Asian and North American ancestry as well as some ancestors from sub-Sahara Africa.     Raven-Symoné obviously has more skin complexion genes from ancestors outside of Africa than from sub-Saharan Africa ancestors.  A century ago someone with her complexion might  have decided to leave her family and pass for white.

Those who use the term “African-American” don’t seem to understand that Africa refers to a continent, not a group of people.  The Sahara Desert divides the continent into two genetically and culturally different populations.   North American slaves came from the area south of the Sahara.  In this post I will use “African” to designate persons from south of the Sahara.

Southern racism treated dark complexioned individuals as if their only ancestors came from Africa.    The term “Africa-American” perpetuates this false claim.   The fact is that African DNA began mixing with British DNA at Jamestown in the early 17th Century.  The first Africans arrived at Jamestown in1619 and were treated like the white indentured servants.   Indentured servants were temporary slaves who used their labor to pay off a debt.  In the North American colonies the  debt was likely the cost of travel to the colony.  Many of the Irish indentured servants, like the Africans, were  forced to move to North America.     For the Africans, the debt was the purchase price from the slave traders.   Many of those with African ancestry who were brought to North America came from the West Indies rather than directly from Africa.   Some of these may have had some European or western hemisphere ancestry.

Marriages across the color line began occurring even before African indentured servant  John Punch married a white woman, who was probably also an indentured servant,  in 1636.  Four years later Punch was sentenced by a judge to be the first permanent slave in the British North American colonies after he and two other indentured servants ran away.  Punch’s marriage deserves special attention because it is the earliest marriage to produce traceable descendants.  Nobel Prize winner Ralph Bunch is one of his black descendants.   One of his white descendants is Stanley Ann Dunham the mother of President Barack Obama.

In the early years of the Virginia colony people sometimes had to marry across the black, white and red color lines because the small population reduced the number of potential mates.    A similar situation existed in Spanish and French North American settlements.  The earliest connection between an African and North Americans occurred in Spanish Florida in 1526 when a slave escaped and was accepted by a North American village.    The practice of accepting escaped slaves would continue in the British colonies and later in the United States.

The process of British and African genetic integration accelerated briefly after the British government authorized permanent slavery.   The law said that a child’s status [slave or free] would be determined by the status of the mother.  A white child of a slave mother would become an indentured servant. A black child would become a permanent slave.  Slave owners knew that a child with a black parent and a white parent would be black so they forced their white female indentured servants to mate with their African male slaves.   White male indentured servants  had little choice but to mate with African female slaves.

Only about 500,000 Africans were imported to North America during the  nearly 200 years the slave trade was legal with most of them arriving before America won its independence.  The first U.S. census showed a population in 1790 of  3,172,000 whites and 757,000 blacks.    Thus it is likely that most descendants of slaves had multiple  ancestors living in North America before the Revolution.    The descendants of slaves could have a hundred  different ancestors who were living in North America before the American Revolution.  At seven generations back a person can have 128 different ancestors.

In slave societies it is common for males in the owner class to have sex with female members of the slave class especially unmarried females.  Unmarried female slaves may even encourage such attention to gain better treatment.   White male – black female relationships were common in New Orleans during the Spanish and French because men from these countries often arrived without wives.  The introduction of European DNA into the black population continued during the Jim Crow era when southern white men were able to rape black women without fear of punishment.

The introduction of African DNA into the white population was more indirect because those babies who received dark complexion genes would be born with dark complexions.  African DNA involving other than skin color genes entered the white  population when persons with African ancestry were born without  the dark complexion genes and passed for white.  Some descendants of the early unions between Africans and Europeans had “lost” enough dark complexion genes to pass for white by the American Revolution.   This process would continue.  By 1800 some slaves qualified as white such as Thomas Jefferson’s concubine Sally Hemings. No paintings of her are available, but she was described as white with long straight hair.

It seems likely that many who passed for white didn’t tell their children.   .President Warren G. Harding was aware he had recent  black ancestry but Ann Dunham apparently did not know she had African ancestry. If she had known she likely would have told her son Barack.  Some people believe as many as five other presidents could have African ancestors.

The dark skinned descendants of slaves should be allowed to claim all their ancestors, not just the ones who came from Africa.  Their ancestors came here and became a new people who are a blend of peoples from three, and in some cases four, continents.  They only have some genes in common with the peoples of sub-Saharan Africa.  The Americans who have some African ancestors made their own culture after they got here.    They helped make this country what it is and deserve to be recognized as full fledged Americans — not quasi Americans.

It’s time we Americans recognize that America is not the home of a black race and a white race, but instead is the home of a single race  whose ancestors were red and yellow, black and white.

The Impressions lamented in their song “This is My Country”  —
“Some people think we don’t have the right
To say its my country
Before they give in, they’d rather fuss and fight
Than say its my country”

It’s time we started encouraged the descendants of slaves to call America, rather than Africa their country.  If light skinned Americans whose ancestors all arrived after the Civil War can call themselves 100% Americans, why must dark skinned Americans whose ancestors may have arrived before the American Revolution be treated as part American and part something else.   Many slaves earned their freedom by helping to defeat the British during the Revolution.