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Are Women Today Weaker than Women Fifty Years Ago?

November 1, 2018

Abortion supporters claim that making a baby is too much for many women today.   The poor little things purportedly need abortions  because they cannot handle such a difficult and demanding task.  Abortion supporters tell working class women they can only be empowered by working for someone else.

I don’t know what percentage of modern women really lack the strength to make babies, but I know that some modern women are as strong or even stronger than women 50 years ago.   A woman I worked with before I retired was mopping floors and emptying trash a couple of weeks before giving birth to a baby who was over ten pounds.  One of the local judges successfully ran against an incumbent judge while pregnant.  My niece, the  aeronautical engineer, has had two children.  Tarter farm equipment executive vice president Ann Tarter recently had a daughter.   A young woman in Wichita who became pregnant after being raped at 14, decided to go ahead and have her baby  After completing high school she got a bachelor’s degree and is now teaching special education while working on a master’s degree in special education while raising her daughter.

The facts are today’s women are just as capable of handling the rigors of making a baby as their mothers and grandmothers.   The ability to make new human beings makes women the superior sex.  Nothing empowers a woman more than having a baby.  Mothers have the power to influence what their children become. Those who have a strong influence may also impact additional generations.

Women who work for the man from 9 to 5 have no power.  They are just cogs in some corporation.  The relative handful of women who have creative jobs like teachers, engineers  and journalists may have some power but those who work on assembly lines or wait on tables have no power.

The rich women who are pushing abortion want to exploit women- not empower them.   They want women to help corporations make money instead of building their own families.  Women who build families have a lasting impact on society.  Women who are corporate cogs do not.

Powerful women make babies.  Powerless women get abortions.