GH Gas Claimers Virtually Admit They Know They Are Lying

If those who claim that carbon dioxide has some special insulating properties really believe their claims, why aren’t they encouraging the use of carbon dioxide to insulate buildings in winter.  If concentrations of CO2 of only a few hundred parts per million can cause earth to become warmer then pure carbon dioxide used as an insulation for buildings should be even more effective at holding in heat.  If CO2 could be used as insulation, CO2 emissions would be collected so the gas could be used to insulate buildings

The CO2 would have to be placed in some type of container. For new buildings the container would presumably be something rigid. For older buildings, a plastic bag could be inserted into the walls.   I suppose there would need to be some equipment to pull the CO2 out of the container into a separate container for storage. during the summer so the building wouldn’t get too warm.

I tried a search for CO2 insulation and only found products designed to insulate electrical equipment.   Of course the reason no one offers CO2 products to  insulate buildings is because no one really believes CO2 has any special insulating properties.   The fact is that CO2 cannot trap earth’s heat and thus it could not insulate buildings any better than other atmospheric gases.


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