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Hire the People on the Border to Build the Wall

May 22, 2019

When is  President Donald Trump going to recognize that the  best way to deal with the border people is to hire them to build the wall?

Hiring the border people to build the wall  would create a win  / win  situation.  The border people would win by getting jobs.

People living in the United States would win because people entering  the country from the south in the future would have to pass though check points where they could be screened for contagious diseases.   The recent measles outbreaks demonstrate the potential danger of open  borders.     Dangerous diseases like tuberculosis  that are largely controlled in the United States can  be common in countries some “illegals” come from.   There are more HIV/AIDS deaths per million south of our border than in our country.

A century ago a judge might have agreed to punish illegal immigrants by forcing them to build a wall.  Judges no longer order such forced labor, but the government can hire immigrants to build a wall.

The large number of unemployed people on the border provide a golden opportunity to build a wall that was first needed in the 19th Century when raiders would cross the border to attack settlers.  We need to take advantage of the opportunity to build the wall now.    Having the border people construct the wall would produce a work force that could be used to construct the infrastructure projects we also need. Trump’s economic program is creating so many jobs that we may not otherwise have enough extra workers for essential infrastructure projects.

President Vladimir Putin’s Election Gambit

May 14, 2019

There is no evidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a master at the board game called “chess”, but he is a grand master at a real life version of the game.

In 2016. he began an operation to discredit the American system of elections.   He took advantage of the basic stupidity of many American politicians and journalists to create the delusion that he had colluded with Donald Trump to affect the presidential election.

Putin was a Lieutenant Colonel in the KGB, the highly effective Soviet Secret Police.  If  the Russians had been trying to elect Trump, any Russian contact with the Trump campaign would have been done in secret to avoid detection.  Putin is intelligent enough to know that some Americans would vote against a candidate favored by Russia.

Putin had Russians meet with Trump campaigners to set Trump up for a collusion charge in the event Trump won.  I became suspicious of the real purpose of  one meeting because a tv news story sounded like someone might have coordinated the meeting with the Department of Justice.  The discovery of the meeting seemed too  easy.  I’m not a fan of Putin, but I respect his intelligence.  He would not have used people so unprofessional that they would be caught while engaged in what  should have been a secret operation.

Putting people in apparently compromising situations  is an old KGB tactic that the KGB used to blackmail  people into cooperating with the KGB such as by providing access to information.    The Russian contact with Trump campaigners is a variation on this tactic with the goal simply being to frame people in Trump’s campaign.

I doubt that Putin wanted either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to be President  of  the United States.   In 2016 Putin  likely thought the best outcome would be a discredited American election especially if the winner would be forced out of office.  .  Putin had been criticized for his  conduction of presidential    elections.   Creating a scandal about an Amercan presidential election might prevent unfavorable comparison of Russian elections to American elections particularly if Putin could claim the “American Secret Police” rejected the candidate voters wanted.

Putin is certainly aware of how much the Soviet Union had benefited  from the Watergate controversy.  The fall of Richard Nixon  was followed by the fall of U.S. backed governments in Vietnam and Iran.  The  Soviet Union was able to take advantage of the weakened American presidency to invade Afghanistan.

If Putin has any derogatory information about Hillary Clinton, he will probably keep it secret unless she is elected president.

This farce has gone on long enough.   Congress and President Trump  need to concentrate on the real problems our nation faces.

Has President Trump Abandoned MAGA?

April 16, 2019

President Donald Trump’s statement at the Mexican border  implies he no longer believes he can make the United States great again.  Or, perhaps he doesn’t know how a Great America would act in such a situation.

Trump said: “Our country is full, our area is full, the sector is full, can’t take you anymore. I’m sorry, can’t happen, so turn around — that’s the way it is,”   Trump’s statement  is pathetic.   He sounds  like he is whining.  He spoke like the head of a weak powerless nation who doesn’t expect any improvement in the future.

The president  of a Great America would try to take advantage of the presence of the people at the border to build a wall to keep criminals from using the Mexican border.  He might declare a humanitarian emergency and hire the border people to build The Wall.  He would  give them an opportunity to prove they want to work by offering them jobs building the wall.   Instead of whining about the number  of would be immigrants, he would use the number of “refugees” to justify using emergency powers to protect them from economic distress.

Part of the funding for the program should come from money earmarked for the countries the border people come from.     Instead of rewarding the sanctuary cities by increasing their population just before the census that determines how much federal funding they receive President Trump should use part of the funds that go to local governments to pay the wall builders.

The people at the border probably don’t understand our badly outdated immigration laws and procedures.  They are  at the border  because they have been told they can find a better life here.  They to find a better life because they believe The United States of America is  a great nation.   Does President Donald Trump?

A Great Nation Would Hire Immigrants to Build The Wall

April 8, 2019

President Donald Trump should start acting like the head of a great nation in dealing with the large number of jobless immigrants on the border. The people coming to the Mexican border are essentially saying they think the United States is a great nation which can provide jobs their own countries cannot. A Great Nation helps people in other nations when it can. The United States under President Harry Truman was a great nation because it helped west European nations recover from the devastation their war had caused.

The United States cannot provide jobs to everyone in the world, but it does have a public works project for the Mexican border that could provide jobs for the immigrants on the border. Hiring the border immigrants to construct The Wall would allow construction in a short period of time. Constructing The Wall would provide immigrants the jobs they need to support their families without taking jobs from those who are already living here. Companies selling goods and services to Wall workers might even be able to add employees. Having the immigrants construct The Wall might be the only way to avoid a humanitarian crisis because other potential approaches are unlikely to be able to create enough jobs for them in time to help. If the United States can provide jobs building The Wall to jobless immigrants, it would be immoral not to hire them. A Great Nation determines what needs to be done and does it.

President Trump might have to switch to a more labot intensive type of wall construction to reduce the cost of materials. He could hire the immigrants now even though there would be a delay before they could begin working on The Wall. That time could be used to teach them some basic English and to construct housing. They would also receive training in how to build The Wall. After building The Wall they would be available to work on infrastructure projects.

As an historian I recognize that sustained economic growth has involved an increasing population. Except for the baby boomer era the population increase has come from immigration. When the United States limited immigration in the 1920’s the limits acted like a lid on the economy and the economy imploded. New immigrants arrive with few possessions so they purchase more goods than established residents. Immigrant families provide even more economic stimulation because parents need to replace clothes and toys the children have outgrown

I don’t know how the immigrants view President Trump. The fact that they are coming here looking for jobs implies they think of him the way Dorothy thought of the wonderful Wizard of Oz. Is President Trump just smoke and mirrors or is he the leader of a great nation that helps those in need? The leader of a Great Nation would do everything he can to deal with the crisis on the border.

Have Racists Regained Control of the Democratic Party?

March 9, 2019

Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, accuses Democratic Party supported Planned Parenthood of what Rev. Dr. Clenard H Childress Jr. calls “Black Genocide.”

King points out  “The leading cause of death in the African-American community is not gang-violence, gun violence, heart attack, stroke, HIV, high blood pressure, diabetes. People will name all these. No, it’s abortion. And the reason we have come to that conclusion, statistically, you’ve got 60 million plus abortions legal in America since 1973. About a third of those occur in the African-American community. That means dead babies. And, with us being 13 percent or less of America’s population that means we are having more abortions’.”

King says the number of abortions don’t mean that African-Americans are more immoral or don’t care.”  Instead  she states:  “We are just regular, everyday people like everyone else. But Planned Parenthood moved into our community with the abortion killing centers and said, ‘We’re here to help you. Let’s kill your baby, so you can have a better life.’ Well, killing our babies doesn’t give us a better life. I have had my own abortions in the 1970s. They were secret then, and after I became born again in 1983 and became a pro-life voice, I began to talk about how those abortions hurt me and my family.”

The claim that racists have regained control of the Democratic Party may come as a  surprise to those who don’t know that the Democratic Party is the historic home of racism.  The   Democratic Party is the party of slavery, secession and  segregation.

The peopls who complain about the monument to slave owner Thomas Jefferson in Washington ignore the fact that he and other slave owners established the Democratic Party.   People protest southern Civil War monuments and ignore the fact the Democratic Party is itself  a monument because Confederate leaders  were Democrats as were the founders of the  post war Ku Klux Klan [KKK]..  Late in the 19th Century the Democratic Party established rigid “Jim Crow” racial  segregation laws in southern states.  .

Day Gardner notes that  during the 20’s “the KKK raged a lynching war on blacks in the south while Margaret Sanger and friends devised an evil plan of their own. Sanger was a staunch believer in eugenics, “race hygiene.” Her book, The Pivot of Civilization, {1922} contained her solution to the negro problem. She touted sterilization of ‘genetically inferior races’ which she called ‘human weeds’.Since blacks were known to be blessed with large families, Sanger’s plan had to include limiting the growth of the black population by eliminating our children.”

After World War II the Democratic Party split on the racial issue.  President Harry Truman integrated the armed forces in spite of opposition from within the Democratic Party.  Presidents John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson continued Truman’s effort to end racial discrimination with Johnson managing to get landmark civil rights legisltion through Congress.  Southern Democratic Party senators provided the primary opposition to Johnson’s legislation.

Prior to the passage of Johnson’s legislation Democrat governors tried to block court ordered integration at Little Rock Ark. high school and the University of Alabama. Some local southern Democrats tried to suppress civil rights demonstrators.

After the sixties, racism in the Democratic Party seemed to be relatively benign.  Democrats have continued  to perpetuate the old southern myth that black Americans  and white Americans belong to  different races in spite of the fact that African, European, and North American DNA have been mixing together for 400 years.

At some point racist Democrats obviously decided to partner with the Planned Parenthood organization founded by racist Margaret Sanger    to pursue what appears to be their “final solution” to the racial issue.   They would try to discourage black women from having babies to keep the black population from growing.

Dr. King says, “Margaret Sanger, the founder of the Birth Control League [later, Planned Parenthood], said, that ‘colored people are like weeds,’ and they need to be eliminated. They need to be exterminated. We don’t want the word to get out, so let’s not package it that way. So that’s why they began to make a lot of propaganda and marketing materials, saying that abortion is a woman’s right. It will help her to finish college, get a job, do this or do that.”

Day Gardner notes, “in New York City, the abortion rate in the black community is at 60%, which means more black babies are aborted than are born.The KKK brutally killed about 3,500 black people since it began in 1865, Sanger’s Planned Parenthood is responsible for 19 million black deaths since 1973.”

As part of the  effort to maintain the appearance of racial conflict, Democrats encouraged blacks to fear white racism while trying to keep blacks from recognizing that the real threat was to their babies.

Southern blacks should  stop wasting time with ghosts from the past associated with Civil War monuments.  The real racist threat is the threat to beautiful black babies from the unholy alliance of racist Democrats and Planned Parenthood abortionists.

The Truth About Slavery – Part 2

February 26, 2019

The initial forced labor in the British North American colonies involved indentured servants who served a limited amount of time and were then freed. Many whites volunteered to  serve a period of time in exchange for funds to pay for their trip to North America. Although these indentured servants were only temporary slaves, they were slaves in every sense of the word.   Owners could mistreat them and even choose their sexual partners.  Use of   indentured servants continued through April, 1775, when prominent Virginia planterGeorge Washington     advertised  a rewatd  for the  teturn of 8 white 2 black runaways.
The Africans and many Irish were forced to travel to the British colonies. Irish were sometimes sentenced to “transportation to America” for illegal acts.  Over 300,000 Irish  were sent to North America and the West Indies as slaves.  .  Thousands of children from London streets were rounded up and sent to the Americas.

Most indentured servants were white, particularly Irish, but some were Africans like Anthony Johnson who like white indentured servants was given some land after being freed.  Johnson used indentured servants on his land.

Later when a decision was made to allow people to be held as permanent slaves, only Africans could be permanent slaves because they were foreigners.  The law didn’t allow British subjects to be permanent slaves.  However, initially black children of indentured servants could be treated as permanent slaves because the mother’s status as free or nor free determined the  child’s status.  If the mother was a slave the child woul be a slave.   This practice differed from the traditional practice of having the father’s social status determine the child’s status.    A white slave child would be considered an indentured servant.  A black slave child would become  a permanent slave.

By the time permanent slavery began whites and blacks had been having relationships for years and produced children of mixed ancestry.   Some plantation owners forced white female  indentured servants to mate with black men so the children would become permanent slaves.  This practice increased the portion of the slave population that had European [white] genes as well as African [black] genes.   The slave population received additional white DNA from slave owners and overseers.

The relationships among those of mixed ancestry and between those with  mixed ancestry and whites were producing children who could ” pass for white ” in the 18th Century.   Some with a slightly dark complexion might have claimed to be of North American or Mediterranean ancestry to gain acceptance as whites.

The relationship between Thomas Jefferson and his sister-in-law and virtual wife  Sally Hemings provides an example of this situation.  Hemings was the daughter of a union between Jefferson’s father-in-law  John Wayles. and a slave. Wayles took Hemings’ mother as his concubine after his first three wives died.   Hemings was legally classified as  “white” and had  long straight hair, but the social situation and laws governing slavery likely made an actual marriage impossible.   Some of their children later passed for white after being freed and leaving Virginia.

This situation demonstrates that slavery was no longer about “race” or “color” in 1800.  Even though Hemings was the “white” daughter of a plantation owner, she was still considered a slave who became part of the property of her father’s estate when he died in 1774.

Various accounts in the following years indicate that household servants were often of lighter complexion than field slaves.   Many suggest this situation indicates color prejudice.  The more likely explanation is that the household servants had lighter complexions because they were related to the plantation owner.

By the time of the Civil War there were 5,000 black slave owners and  many slaves who were light complexioned or even white.

The strange case of Jane / Alexina Morrison demonstrates that slavery wasn’t necessarily about color.  According to the slave trader who sold her in Louisiana the blonde haired blue-eyed young woman he called “Jane” was born a slave. The woman who called herself “Alexina” sued him for kidnapping her after she escaped from him. The case bounced around the Louisiana courts just before the Civil War with juries siding with the woman and the courts with the slave trader.  It  apparently is still technically before the courts.   Regardless of which person was telling the truth, the fact that the courts even considered the possibility of Morrison being a slave demonstrates that white slaves were a part of southern slavery by the start of the Civil War.   Some of the escaped slaves whose narratives were published before the Civil War mentioned having seen white slaves.    Harpet’s  Weekly in January carried a picture of  slaves recently freed by the Union armywho were white.

The Truth About Slavery – Part 1

February 25, 2019

The Truth  About Slavery – Part 1

Many  Americans believe slavery only involved white people owning black people.  They believe the master race was white and the slave race was black.  North American slavery actually involved relatively rich people,[e.g. land owners]  owning poor people who might or might not be of the same color.

There were two types of forced laborers brought to North America:  indentured  servants and permanent slaves.   Most of the primarily Irish indentured servants were forced to travel to North America, but some were volunteers.  The first Africans were treated as indentured servants but were eventually treated as permanent slaves.  Members of the two groups worked together and the historical account indicates there was sufficient sexual contact between the two to produce a hybrid group of permanent slaves whose members could be  called “black Irish”.

Unfortunately,the fact that most  slaves were black and most owners were white led to a belief among some whites that this situation meant blacks are inferior to whites.   This belief began during the slave era in part as a way to justify treating some people as slaves in an otherwise free country.

The first  Africans arrived in Jamestown in 1619 only 14 years after the founding of the settlement.  During the two centuries of the Atlantic slave trade only about 500,000 additional Africans were imported into North America.   Britain led the way to ending the Atlantic slave trade in 1807 and the United States quickly followed to outlaw the importation of slaves without prohibiting the internal slave trade
Initially North American forced laborers were white temporary slaves called “indentured servants” who served for a specified term such as 5-10 years.   The first Africans who arrived at Jamestown were treated as indentured servants   . Anthony Johnson arrived in 1620 and received some land from the Virginia colony  after he was freed.   In 1651 he  owned five indentured servants (four white and one black.  man named John Casor, was  considered a permanent slave).

The term “indentured servant” is deceptive because during their period of indenture “servants”  could be brutally mistreated like regular slaves.  Some owners treated much cheaper Irish indentured servants  worse than ;lifetime slaves.  Africans cost from 20-50 pounds Sterling compared to about 5 pounds Sterling for an Irishman.

Owners could even choose who  servants would mate with like  they were breeding  horses. Owners might use whites to breed lighter colored  slaves to be  sold.  Raising slaves for sale would become a signaficant part of the plantation economy. Light colored females would eventually be sold as “fancy slaves” to be prostitutes or concubines who might command a higher price than a prime field hand.

Many servants were children  picked up from London   streets.  The exploitation of children in the North American workplace would continue into the 20th Century.

Europe didn’t have a large enough population to support large scale agriculture in the Western Hemisphere when colonization began.  The British used the colonies to relocate the Irish, but Ireland only had a population of 1.5 million.  The Spanish use of African slaves had begun before the discovery of land available for settlement in the Western Hemisphere.

Africans had been capturing, enslaving and selling each other for thousands of years  before Christopher Columbus discovered a huge new market for African slave traders.   Africans continued to enslave each other after the end of North American slavery.  There are reports that Africans still practice slavery.

The career of  Englishman John Newton demonstrates not only that whites could be slaves, but that those who engaged in the slave trade could also be slaves.   Newton was a sailor on a slave ship whose shipmates sold him to a West African slave trader because  they didn’t get along with him.   A friend of Newton’s retired ship captain father arranged to free Newton. Newton evenstually got a position as the captain of a slave ship.  A religious experience convinced Newton to become a Christian minister and become active in the movement to abolish slavery.  He wrote the popular hymn “Amazing Grace” which according to gospel singer Larnelle Harris uses a west African sorrow chant for the melody.

Remember the Alamo Walls

February 8, 2019

As a Vietnam Vet I know that physical barriers  can limit the number of uninvited “guests”   Even a barrier as relatively flimsy as concertina wire can discourage unwelcome  visitors.

The Texas Revolution demonstrates the potential benefits of walls.    The Battle of the Alamo was an epic defensive battle with Texas army co-commanders James Bowie and William B. Travis.
attempting to hold the walled Alamo mission they were using as a fort against  a vastly superior Mexican army under the command of  President General Antonio López de Santa Anna

Marty Robbins celebrated the defender’s efforts in “the Ballad of the Alamo”.

“One hundred and eighty five
Holdin’ back five thousand
Five days, six days, eight days, ten
Travis held and held again.”

The Alamo’s   walls helped Travis hold the fort until Gen. Santa Anna  decided to accept the high casualties needed to take the fort.  :Later at the Battle of San Jacinto Texas Gen. Sam Houston easily defeated Santa Anna because Santa Anna didn’t have walls to protect his men.

The post office I was assigned to in Vietnam was initially located at a small compound south of Phu Cat AFB called Camp Fidel.  Even though the enemy wasn’t likely to attack us instead of the Air /Force’s jets, our commanders knew we had to guard our perimeter all night because the enemy wouldn’t pass up an easy target.

Do the Brainless Wonders in Congress Know What Happened on 9/11/01?

February 5, 2019

Do they know that a mere 19 men who had infiltrated our country hijacked four airliners and used them to destroy the World Trade Towers and damage the Pentagon? Current Congressional leaders are even more brainless than leaders in November, 1941, who thought the country could avoid World War II by being neutral. They hadn’t yet experienced an attack by an enemy. Today’s leaders have..

The government didn’t know of a potential terror threat when the 9/11 hijackers entered the country. Today the government is more careful about who it allows in. Suspected terrorists cannot come in at monitored points of entry. They have to find entry points that aren’t closely monitored such as along our southern border. Coming in that way allows them to bring weapons and high explosives.
Those who claim there isn’t a crisis need to explain when the terror crisis that began on 9/11 ended. Americans didn’t realize there was a terror crisis until a plane hit the second tower.

Our enemies haven’t announced an end to their war. Maybe they haven’t attacked our homeland because they prefer to concentrate on defending their homeland. Maybe our law enforcement agencies have been preventing their attacks. Or maybe they are secretly preparing a surprise attack like the Germans did before the Battle of the Bulge or the Viet Cong did before the 1968 Tet Offensive. If they think they can mount a surprise attack, we may not know until it begins.

Women Who Get Abortions Have a Negative Self Image

January 24, 2019

When a woman gets an abortion she is essentially saying “the world would be better off if no one like me was born into it because I am not worth duplicating.”

A woman who has a baby is saying the world will benefit from having another person like her.