Are Women Today Weaker than Women Fifty Years Ago?

November 1, 2018

Abortion supporters claim that making a baby is too much for many women today.   The poor little things purportedly need abortions  because they cannot handle such a difficult and demanding task.  Abortion supporters tell working class women they can only be empowered by working for someone else.

I don’t know what percentage of modern women really lack the strength to make babies, but I know that some modern women are as strong or even stronger than women 50 years ago.   A woman I worked with before I retired was mopping floors and emptying trash a couple of weeks before giving birth to a baby who was over ten pounds.  One of the local judges successfully ran against an incumbent judge while pregnant.  My niece, the  aeronautical engineer, has had two children.  Tarter farm equipment executive vice president Ann Tarter recently had a daughter.   A young woman in Wichita who became pregnant after being raped at 14, decided to go ahead and have her baby  After completing high school she got a bachelor’s degree and is now teaching special education while working on a master’s degree in special education while raising her daughter.

The facts are today’s women are just as capable of handling the rigors of making a baby as their mothers and grandmothers.   The ability to make new human beings makes women the superior sex.  Nothing empowers a woman more than having a baby.  Mothers have the power to influence what their children become. Those who have a strong influence may also impact additional generations.

Women who work for the man from 9 to 5 have no power.  They are just cogs in some corporation.  The relative handful of women who have creative jobs like teachers, engineers  and journalists may have some power but those who work on assembly lines or wait on tables have no power.

The rich women who are pushing abortion want to exploit women- not empower them.   They want women to help corporations make money instead of building their own families.  Women who build families have a lasting impact on society.  Women who are corporate cogs do not.

Powerful women make babies.  Powerless women get abortions.

Put Immigrants in Democratic Districts

October 28, 2018

If President Donald Trump can’t keep the caravan from entering the country, he should try to transport the participants to congressional districts whose voters elected a Democrat to Congress. Many Democrats want to encourage immigration so we should expect voters in those districts to welcome immigrants and be willing to share local resources including jobs with immigrants.

Voters who don’t want more immigrants in their districts shouldn’t elect politicians who want to increase immigration.. Voters in higher income districts shouldn’t vote to encourage immigration unless they are willing to have new immigrants for neighbors

Why Do People Believe Climate Liars?

October 16, 2018

The  self-proclaimed  Climate Prophets who claim they can predict climate years in advance are either deliberately lying or incredibly stupid.   Weather related scientists don’t know enough about the factors that control daily weather to  make more than approximate predictions of short term weather.   How can anyone believe weather scientists can accurately predict weather decades in advance?

If you look at a Weather Bureau forecast you will notice that if it predicts the possibility of  rain the prediction will show the probability of rain as a percentage.   The probability of rain might by 20% or maybe 60%.  Meteorologists  know rain can occur under various conditions.   The percentage  figure indicates how often it will rain when the conditions are like the conditions predicted for that day

The forecast page will show daily forecasts for a week.  If you check the daily forecast you may notice that the  daily forecast for a specific day may change as the week progresses.  For example, on Saturday  you start checking on the forecast for the next Friday and the notice the forecast temperature is 80 F with a 20% chance of rain.  The next day the forecast might change to 75 F and a 30% chance of rain. On Tuesday the temperature forecast might change back to 80 F with no rain prediction.  On Thursday the Friday temperature forecast might drop to 70  F with a 40% chance of  rain.

Meteorologists’ forecasts are more accurate than they were 50 years ago and we are far less likely to have to shovel three inches of “party cloudy” off the sidewalk.  Forecasts still aren’t perfect, but computers can help process the data.   Programmers work to improve the accuracy of their models as more data is collected.

The computer programs the Climate Prophets use are of no value because they cannot be tested for accuracy against  data.that won’t exist for years.

Most people don’t understand that scientists are the original Western Civilization con artists.  Early “scientists” got money from wealthy nobles by claiming to be working on a way to convert lead into gold.  Scientists know other scientists cannot be trusted.  Science magazines  adopted a peer review process to reduce fraud.   Unfortunately. this process is no longer working.

Horace Freeland Judson in his book “The Great Betrayal”,  “sketches science as a fortress rising out of the mists, focused solely on defending and enriching itself. It might pretend to worship the Goddess Truth but inside, out of sight, it is the God Mammon who is lusted after.”

The Climate Prophets pursue checkbook science.   The person with the checkbook decides what “science” says.  The Prophets can predict anything they want because  they know by the time the future gets here people will have forgotten what the prediction was.

Millennials Should Break the Cycle of Alternating Political Parties

October 1, 2018

For the last century control of the United States has cycled between the 19th Century Democratic and Republican parties. Voters choose between the old ideas of the Democratic Party and the old ideas of the Republican Party. The two parties are mired in the same old partisan conflicts election after election. The Democrats in particular seem more interested in playing partisan political games than in dealing seriously with the nation’s problems. Republicans are increasingly following their example.

Millennials need to decide whether they want to continue the politics of their grandparents’ generation or replace the 19th Century parties with 21st Century parties.

President Donald Trump has compared Washington to a swamp. One of the most unpleasant aspects of swamps is stagnant water due to a lack of fresh water flowing into the swamp to push the stagnant water out. Washington is a swamp because of a lack of new ideas. New parties could bring new ideas to Washington and the rest of country like fresh water entering a swamp.

Replacing a political party can take a couple of elections. Thus, Congressional candidates, as well as candidates for other offices, need to remind voters that even if the third party candidate doesn’t win this year, voters will be telling the “outdated parties” that voters want new options. A strong finish will make it easier for the candidate to run again or encourage a replacement In districts in which there is no third party candidate, Millenials might get together and agree to support one of their number to run as a write in candidate.

At the national level the party out of power is easiest to replace because it has fewer entrenched incumbents. Thus, third party candidates running for Congress should say they are THE alternative to the Republicans regardless of which party the incumbent in that district belongs to.

Voters a century ago had negative attitudes toward the major parties. Voters began voting for third party candidates. The effort didn’t replace either party, but the third parties did force changes in the actions of the parties. Major changes included direct election of Senators and giving women the right to vote

FBI Incapable of Investigating Christine Ford Allegation

September 23, 2018

It would be impossible for the FBI to determine what, if anything, happened at the time Christine Blasey Ford claimed to have been attacked.

The FBI cannot examine the scene of the alleged attack for evidence because even if the building is still there it likely has been cleaned many times since that evening. The building might even have been remodeled and the furniture replaced.

Ford is the only apparent witness who remembers the incident and she had been drinking. It wouldn’t have taken very much alcohol to impair the perception of a 15 year old girl. Her description could also fit a situation in which she briefly passed out and was placed on the bed by some boy other than Brett Kavanaugh who fell on top of her because he was drunk. She might just have guessed at who the boy was later when she tried to remember what happened. She might been having a dream while she was passed out and remembered the dream as being part of what actually happened.

Incidentally, it would have been unlikely for her to have told her parents for fear of being punished for getting into such a situation.

There is no way for the FBI or anyone else to determine with any degree of certainty what actually happened that day. The Senate has wasted too much time on a matter that cannot be resolved.

Those who are attempting to make a major issue out of this are ignoring the fact that states today prohibit teenagers from drinking because teens have even more trouble than adults controlling their actions when they are drinking. If Kavanaugh was there and did anything wrong it was because, according to Ford, he was drunk and thus not in control of his behavior.

What Was Ford Doing at a Party with 4 Boys?

September 21, 2018

Has anyone asked  Christine Blasey Ford   why she attended a party with four boys — if there was a party?

Most of us would suspect that a girl  at a party with four boys  was the “entertainment”.  Considering the way teenage peer pressure works, it is likely she would have been drinking along with the boys, if there was a party.  If  she had been drinking, then her memory of the event would be  unreliable.  She might not remember exactly what happened or even who was at the party.

I say “if there was a party” because  of how she supposedly “remembered” the alleged attack in a therapy session.  “Remembering” alleged childhood sexual incidents in therapy sessions is a characteristic of “false memories”.

There is no good reason to delay the confirmation process for  Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh .   If Ford wanted her allegation investigated she should have come forward at the start of the process.

Did Barack Obama Help Donald Trump Defeat Hillary Clinton?

September 14, 2018

If the Russian hacking operation helped Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton, as many Democrats believe, then President Barack Obama obviously helped Trump defeat Clinton by allowing the Russians to hack the Democrats’ emails. Although I doubt that the Russian hacking had any impact on the election, I recognize that if Obama believed the Russians would help Trump win he obviously wanted Trump to defeat Clinton.

Why would Obama want fellow Democrat Clinton to lose to a Republican? I don’t have any inside information, but there is a persistent rumor that Obama has been plotting to return to the White House. If Clinton had won he would not have been able to run again until 2024. With Republican Trump in the White House, Obama can run again in 2020. The media have blamed Trump for the hacking operation and ignored reports that Obama was aware of it and didn’t stop it. Obviously, if Obama had wanted Clinton to win he would have tried to stop any Russian effort that could have kept her from winning.

Is Robert Mueller Covering Up Major Russian Espionage?

September 12, 2018

Robert Mueller and his staff may be covering up the biggest act of espionage in the United States since the acquisition of atomic secrets by the Russians at the start of the Cold War.  Mueller is supposed to be investigating what the Russian hackers called “Fancy Bear” did during the 2016 election.  However, he continues to ignore an Associated Press expose indicating Fancy Bear focused on non-partisan email users including defense industry employees and those in the intelligence community.  According to the AP,   Department of Justice employees were aware of  what Fancy Bear was doing, but didn’t warn those whose emails were being hacked.  .  Fancy Bear used access to the Democrats national committee emails as a cover story to hide what may have been the real reason for the operation from the meatheads at the Department of Justice (DOJ)..

The popular myth is that Fancy Bear was accessing the Democratic Party’s emails to help Russia influence the 2016 presidential election.  Russia couldn’t have used the Democratic national committee emails to influence the presidential election because the candidates’ organizations run the presidential campaigns — not the national party organizations.    It is unlikely Russia needed hackers to get the Democratic emails.   Russia almost certainly had an agent planted in the Democratic national organization who would have used a zip drive to copy emails along with general information  about party personnel and supporters. An agent in the organization can use conversations to obtain information that is never placed in the computer.  China and Israel also probably had agents in the Democrats organization.

It may come as a surprise to some politicians and journalists, but Americans and Russians and their allies have been spying on each other and attempting to influence political opinions in each other’s countries for 70 years.

It is time to recognize that Fancy Bear was conducting a major espionage operation rather than attempting to play politics.   I don’t know if the Justice Department’s Fancy Bear  collaborators  were just stupid or  the Russians paid them for their services.   Nor, do I know if Mueller and his staff are taking money from the Russians or they’re just trying to protect “dirty” DOJ employees and possibly former President Barack Obama.     Obama’s cybersecurity coordinator Michael Daniel has indicated Obama told DOJ employees not to stop the Russians.

It’s time for President Donald Trump to replace Mueller and his band of incompetents with investigators who  have never worked for the Department of Justice.   Their mission should be to identify and prosecute those who collaborated with the Russian hackers and to determine if the Russians were able to use the knowledge they obtained to access classified information or infiltrate corporate or government computers.

Even if personal emails didn’t contain classified information, they could have helped identify people who could be black mailed or be willing to accept bribes.   Emails could  have identified disgruntled employees who might welcome help to get even with an “unfair” employer.   A covert agent could get acquainted with the employee and then  tell the employee how he or someone he knew got even.

Cigarettes Don’t Kill People

August 28, 2018

I’m tired of hearing the myth that cigarettes kill people. It reminds me of the old myth that cold temperatures cause colds.

The smoking issue is not as simple as the anti-smokers portray it.   It can involve more than just addiction to nicotine.

If smoking kills people why do so many smokers live to be over 60?

Looking at substances that sometimes kill people demonstrates how substances can kill people directly.

For most of us peanuts are a delicious and nutritious snack.  However, for some people with a peanut allergy peanuts can be one of the world’s deadliest poisons.

College fraternity hazing incidents sometimes have someone die from drinking too much alcohol.  Combining sleeping pills and alcohol creates a deadly cocktail.

Overdoses of prescription drugs and drugs like heroin kill thousands  a year.

I have never had any connection to the tobacco industry.  I have never smoked, owned any tobacco company assets or worked in a facility that sold tobacco products.  People I cared about have died from medical conditions associated with tobacco use.

On a personal level I don’t understand how people can enjoy smoking, but then smokers might not understand why I like jalapeno slices in my breakfast eggs.  On the scientific level I recognize a genetic condition that many smokers have may make smoking  a virtual necessity for them.

Smoking is blamed for causing lung cancer even though fewer than 10% of smokers  get lung cancer.  In an extensive British study only half of smokers died of conditions associated with smoking.  If cigarettes killed people why would they kill some, but not others?

Cold temperatures don’t automatically cause colds, but may make the body more vulnerable to colds.  Cold temperatures can force the body to divert energy to keeping warm which may reduce the body’s ability to fight the cold virus.

Perhaps cigarettes merely increase some smokers’ vulnerability to certain medical disorders.  For example, smoking may not actually cause cells to become cancerous.   Instead, the nicotine in cigarettes is capable of aiding  the growth of cancers caused by some other factor, such as asbestos.   Smokers may be more likely to take jobs which expose them  to  carcinogens.   Smoking may accelerate aging of some body parts in older smokers.

Evaluating the relative health impact of smoking isn’t as straight forward as tobacco critics assume because smokers often have a significant genetic difference from non-smokers.  Smokers tend to have what is called the”risk taker” or “trill seeker” version of the DRD4(Dopamine Receptor D4] gene.   Comparing risk taker smokers to non-risk taker non-smokers could produce an inaccurate result. Risk taking smokers conceivably could have a higher life expectancy than non-smoking risk takers, particularly those who are alcoholics or drug users.  .

Research is mixed on the existence of risk takers because how people take risks can vary. Individuals  may not consciously choose activities because they are “risky”.    An individual may instead choose activities that they describe as “exciting” or “challenging”.

Most people aren’t athletic enough to participate in obviously risky activities like mountain climbing or skiing.  Some people take risky jobs like fire fighting.   Others prefer to take risks by gambling or having multiple sex partners.  Some men seek thrills by going out in public dressed as women.  The portrayal of smoking as a dangerous activity makes smoking attractive to young risk takers who don’t feel they could physically or mentally handle other “risky” activities..  Young people often feel they can avoid the negative affects of whatever actions they take.   Alcohol and drugs like heroin appeal to other risk takers.

Criticism of smoking focuses on physical health. The risk taker gene and smoking may also impact mental health. The risk taker gene that smokers often have has a connection to mental health problems such as ADHD. (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).    Nicotine can have a calming effect and reduce anger.

Risk taking isn’t the only potential threat to a person’s health.  The opposite of risk taking is boredom which can have a strong negative impact.  It might even be possible to be bored to death.  People who attempt to quit smoking sometimes experience depression and suicidal thoughts attributed to nicotine withdrawal. For risk takers these conditions might also indicate boredom due to removal of risk generated excitement

Anti-smokers treat smoking as just a “nasty” unhealthy habit.  However, smoking is actually a complex behavior that some may need because of a genetic brain condition.

Marijuana Kills People

June 14, 2018

When a mass shooting occurs, some people act as if the guns themselves are responsible rather than the people who use them, Other people respond with the statement: “Guns don’t kill people. People do.” The statement is true because guns cannot independently affect the operation of the human brain.

The brain is a complex system controlled by the interaction of various chemicals. People use marijuana because it is one of the chemicals .that can affect the operation of the brain. Unfortunately, there is a dark side to marijuana. In addition to creating the sensation of feeling “high”, marijuana can cause behavior that kills.

Marijuana has two ways of killing people. Marijuana reduces the brain’s ability to detect and respond appropriately to danger such as when driving a car. Sometimes the marijuana user dies from a traffic accident. Sometime the person who dies was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Marijuana is associated with homicidal behavior. Marijuana violence often involves firearms. Some of this violence is due to marijuana’s tendency to induce paranoia in some people. Marijuana heightens the sense of fear as it does the other senses.

The sense of smell can play a role in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD]. Police officers who have had a bad experience with drug dealers or marijuana users could become overly fearful if they smell marijuana on someone they are dealing and be more likely to shoot than they would be otherwise. Government needs to finance research on this possibility.