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Could Santa be an Albino?

December 27, 2013

I’m not sure why some people are making a controversy over whether Santa Claus is black or white, but they are. Ironically, children who believe
Santa is real don’t care about his color, but adults who don’t believe in him do.

The mistake many people make is that they believe a white Santa would have to come from Europe and a black Santa would be from sub-Sahara Africa. The debaters ignore the fact that some people in sub-Saharan Africa have white skin, and I’m not talking about residents of South Africa.

The sub-Sahara genome includes the albino gene which results in a complete or partial lack of skin and hair pigment in individuals who receive two copies of the gene. Albinos have white skin and hair like Santa.

Albinos have skin that is very sensitive to sunlight. An albino could have migrated through Germany looking for a place to live where he could cover his skin with clothes without worrying about becoming too hot. An albino might find the North Pole an attractive place to live. He would prefer to travel by night to avoid sunlight that could damage his skin.