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Homosexuality Involves a Treatable Birth Defect

May 2, 2015

Various studies in the last decade by Dr. Ivanka Savic of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, indicate that people who consider themselves homosexuals actually have the body of one sex and the brain of the other which is the definition of transsexuals. Thus homosexuals have a treatable birth defect.

Changing the body’s anatomical sex would put the brain and the body on the same sexual page and allow individuals to lead a relatively normal life instead of having to live in a kind of sexual purgatory. .It may come as a surprise to some Christians that the Bible approves of sex change operations. Jesus said in Matthew 18: 9 “If thine eye offend thee pluck it out….” Or in other words if a defect in the body causes behavior that might be considered sinful the body should be changed so it won’t cause “sin”.

The only difference between homosexuals and transsexuals is that transsexuals are perceptive enough to understand their situation. Homosexuals apparently don’t understand that the brain, rather than the body, determines human sexuality. The brain is the most important human sex organ. Male bodies aren’t attracted to female bodies. Male brains are. Female brains are attracted to male bodies. If the brain of a person with a male body is attracted to male bodies it’s because the brain is female.

Sexual chemicals called pheromones control the sexual behavior of other animals. Genetic programming may control how or when an animal responds sexually. A male dog who smells a female dog in heat will try to get to her.

Humans respond to visual and audio cues which are compared in the brain to what the individual considers sexually attractive. Some humans are primarily interested in physical characteristics. Others may be more interested in intelligence or having similar interests in music or food. What is considered attractive varies from one person to another. For example, some men like slender women. Other men prefer women who are extra large and will purchase pornography featuring such women.

Scientists have known for many years that men’s and women’s brains have different structures and deal with some situations differently. A growing body of research indicates that homosexuals have a brain of one sex and a body of the other.

Chemicals called pheromones govern the sexual behavior of most animals. Pheromones may be necessary for some animals to know when to have sex and which other members of their species are the opposite sex. The existence of these chemicals in humans has been a controversial subject for years. Humans don’t need pheromones to activate their sexual programming. Humans can learn about sex and be sexually aroused by reading books or watching tv. Even if humans don’t need pheromones they can be affected by them.

One study that tracked blood flow in the brain indicates that two suspected human pheromones have a different impact on the brain activity of men and women and there is a difference between the way heterosexual and homosexual men respond. Scientists say that a stimulus “lights up” the area of the brain responds to the stimulus. The study indicated that an estrogen like chemical from women’s urine lighted up an area of hypothalamus in heterosexual men, but lighted up the general smell interpreting regions of the brains of women and homosexual men.

A testosterone derivative from men’s sweat had the opposite effect. It lighted up the hypothalamus in women and homosexual men, but the smell related region of heterosexual men A subsequent study of homosexual woman indicated their responses measured by PET scans were similar, but not identical to heterosexual men.

A study
of the structure of brains using PET scans and MRI’s indicated the brains of heterosexual women were the same as those of homosexual men. The brains of homosexual women and heterosexual men were the same.

Most of us were told in school that if a baby gets a “Y” chromosome from its father it will develop as a male. If the baby gets an “X” chromosome from its father it will develop as a female.

However, reality isn’t that simple. In about 1 in 30,000 births a baby with an “XY” combination of chromosomes will develop a female anatomy in what is called Swyer syndrome. Individuals with this condition have external female genitalia along with a normal uterus and Fallopian tubes, but lack functional gonads (ovaries or testes). They cannot produce eggs, but may become pregnant with an implanted embryo. The development occurs because a defective gene fails to produce a functioning version of the protein that is needed for development of male characteristics

In about 1 in 20,000 – 25,000 births a baby with an “XX” combination will develop a male anatomy. Individuals with this condition can have normal sexual relations, but do not produce viable sperm.

The genes that control the development of the brain differ from the genes that control the development of other parts of the body. It shouldn’t be surprising that a defect in one or more genes that affect development of the brain could cause the brain to develop according to a different sexual “blueprint” from the one that controls development of the body.

Scientific research indicates that the sexual differentiation of the brain begins before sex hormones play a role in development. A rare naturally occurring zebra finch is half male and half female. One side of the body has male plumage, sex organs and brains and the other has female plumage sex organs and brains. This dual development cannot be explained by sex hormones.

Doctors don’t know how to change the sexual functioning of the brain, but they can change anatomical sex characteristics. Currently the operation to transform a man into a woman is more effective than the operation to change a woman into a man. Most homosexuals would need some psychological assistance because they don’t understand they are transsexuals. Psychological treatments alone cannot turn a transsexual/homosexual into a heterosexual. The body has to be changed.

The fact that sex change operations correct a birth defect means that such operations are corrective surgery which should possibly be covered by health insurance particularly in children. It would seem that both the British and American health insurance programs should cover this corrective operation. Having the brain and the body on the same sexual page would seem to have major mental health benefits.