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Houston Methodist Hospital Wants Chris Dunn Dead for Christmas

December 21, 2015

The thing <a href=””>Houston Methodist Hospital</a> officials want most for Christmas is the death of patient Chris Dunn.   While most of us are preparing to celebrate the birth of  Jesus Christ who healed the sick, Houston Methodist Hospital <a href=””>grinches</a&gt; are plotting to kill a patient.    The former<a href=””&gt; EMT</a> who once worked to save lives now has to plea for his life with hospital administrators who have less compassion than <a href=””>Ebenezer Scrooge</a>.

Religious organizations like the Methodist Episcopal Church established hospitals like the one in Houston(1919) to provide medical care regardless of ability to pay.. Now nearly a century later the people who run  Houston Methodist Hospital share Ebenezer Scrooge’s philosophy that those like Chris Dunn who cannot pay”should die and  reduce the surplus populous.”

Dunn’s case sounds like a dream case for a malpractice attorney.

While waiting for a subsidized insurance card so he could get a diagnosis for a mass in his pancreas,<a href=””&gt; Dunn</a> began vomiting blood. On October 12 he was taken to a small hospital in Pasadena, Texas.  The hospital stabilized him but  for unexplained reasons placed him on a ventilator before transferring him to Houston Methodist Hospital. He remains on a ventilator even though his lungs were not a problem.  Doctors there told the family that he was in systematic organ failure and would die within two or three weeks ago.  That was two months ago.  Doctors think  he is dying of  cancer but have not consulted an oncologist.  Blood tests haven’t show any positive markers for cancer.

Recently the hospital handed Dunn’s mother, Evelyn Kelly, a notice invoking the 1999 Texas Advance Directives Act (TADA) which allows a hospital to arbitrarily ignore the patient’s desires and take actions that can result in the patient’s death.  She contacted <a href=””>Texas Right to Life</a> which is helping her to fight for her son’s life.

Someone has set up an <a href=””>account</a&gt; for Chris Dunn so  people can donate money to help pay his medical bills. According to Texas Right to Life the family plans to challenge the constitutionality of the law which the Texas Office of Attorney General has indicated it won’t defend.   Someone should tell hospital that if they succeed in killing Dunn and the law is subsequently found unconstitutional, a politically ambitious prosecutor could charge them with premeditated murder.

When I read Dunn’s story, my first thought was that if I saw this “plot” in an old movie or tv series episode I would expect the story would indicate someone was wanting to kill the patient because he thought the patient had witnessed an illegal act.  In a newer movie, the hospital would probably want the patient’s organs for a transplant.  Although I now suspect the hospital just wants to get rid of a non-paying patient I wish law enforcement would investigate to make sure there is no criminal activity involved.

Crooked Politicians Do Their Masters’ Bidding in Paris

December 19, 2015

The crooked corporations who are pushing Enron’s global warming scam got their money’s worth from the crooked politicians who recently met in Paris. They got their pet politicians to support carbon trading which was the reason Enron set up the scam with the crooked administration of President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore.

The following a copy of an earlier blog post. I’ve changed the link to the Lawrence Solomon article because it is now at another site, but haven’t checked the other links.

Remember Enron, the corrupt firm whose failure should have disproved the myth “too big to fail”, but didn’t? At the time it was the seventh largest corporation. It’s bankruptcy was the largest in history until Lehman Brothers failed. Incidentally, Lehman Brothers was also involved in carbon trading.

Enron owed part of its early success to emissions trading. Basically emissions trading was established as a way for some companies to profit from pollution while allowing some companies to continue to produce the chemicals that can cause acid rain.

Lawrence Solomon, executive director of Energy Probe and Urban Renaissance Institute, has reported that Enron played a major role in pushing the global warming scam, including establishing the Kyoto Protocals.

Enron had already profited from trading sulfur dioxide credits and saw the potential for even greater profits from trading what would become known as “carbon credits“.

The article is the first in a series of articles about those who seek to profit from what Weather Channel founder John Coleman calls “the greatest scam in history.”

Solomon states, ” The climate-change industry — the scientists, lawyers, consultants, lobbyists and, most importantly, the multinationals that work behind the scenes to cash in on the riches at stake — has emerged as the world’s largest industry. Virtually every resident in the developed world feels the bite of this industry…” which increases the costs of various goods and services.

Enron was an early player beginning early in the administration of Bill Clinton to push for a carbon dioxide trading system. Enron also sought support from environmental groups.
“Between 1994 and 1996, the Enron Foundation donated $1-million to the Nature Conservancy and its Climate Change Project, a leading force for global warming reform, while [Chairman Kenneth] Lay and other individuals associated with Enron donated $1.5-million to environmental groups seeking international controls on carbon dioxide.”

According to Solomon, “Political contributions and Enron-funded analyses flowed freely, all geared to demonstrating a looming global catastrophe if carbon dioxide emissions weren’t curbed. An Enron-funded study that dismissed the notion that calamity could come of global warming, meanwhile, was quietly buried.”

Enron advised the Clinton administration what to do at the Kyoto Japan Conference in 1997.

To improve its chances for success Enron hired former Environmental Protection Agency regulator John Palmisano to become the company’s lead lobbyist as senior director for Environmental Policy and Compliance. Palismano wrote a memo describing the historic corporate achievement that was Kyoto.

“If implemented this agreement will do more to promote Enron’s business than will almost any other regulatory initiative outside of restructuring of the energy and natural-gas industries in Europe and the United States,” Polisano began. “The potential to add incremental gas sales, and additional demand for renewable technology is enormous.”

The memo, entitled “Implications of the Climate Change Agreement in Kyoto & What Transpired,” summarized the achievements that Enron had accomplished. “I do not think it is possible to overestimate the importance of this year in shaping every aspect of this agreement,” he wrote. He cited three issues of specific importance to Enron in the climate-change debate: the rules governing emissions trading, the rules governing transfers of emission reduction rights between countries, and the rules governing a gargantuan clean energy fund.

Polisano’s memo expressed satisfaction bordering on amazement at Enron’s successes. The rules governing transfers of emission rights “is exactly what I have been lobbying for and it seems like we won. The clean development fund will be a mechanism for funding renewable projects. Again we won …. The endorsement of emissions trading was another victory for us.”

“Enron now has excellent credentials with many ‘green’ interests including Greenpeace, WWF [World Wildlife Fund], NRDC [Natural Resources Defense Council], German Watch, the U.S. Climate Action Network, the European Climate Action Network, Ozone Action, WRI [World Resources Institute] and Worldwatch. This position should be increasingly cultivated and capitalized on (monetized),” Polisano explained.

Those who believe in Global Warming like to claim that they are opposed by corporate interests in the form of the energy companies. They neglect to mention that the battle isn’t against corporations, it is between different groups of corporations. The energy companies are attempting to continue providing energy to consumers. Companies on the other side are merely attempting to create a financial opportunity for themselves as financial parasites who provide nothing to anyone and get rich in return.

Democrats often criticize Republicans for being too close to business. Democrats are just as close to business. They simply favor different businesses.

As William O’Keefe, chief executive officer of the Marshall Institute, puts it: “The American people have had enough of convoluted, indecipherable financial schemes and the opportunists who exploit them. The public is understandably angry about Wall Street’s exploitation of Main Street, and yet our political leaders are setting the stage for another complex trading market, ripe for corruption. The future Enrons and Bernie Madoffs of the world would like nothing better than to see the U.S. impose a new market for carbon emission trading.”

Trump’s Muslim Proposal May be Necessary

December 12, 2015

Critics of Donald Trump’s proposal to prohibit Muslims from entering the United States need to keep in mind that the United States is involved in a war with a group that is attempting to get all Muslims to join its unholy crusade.  War sometimes forces national leaders to take actions to defend the nation that they would not otherwise consider.   During World War II President Franklin Roosevelt ordered the bombing of German cities even though he knew innocent children would likely be killed.

I believe that the vast majority of Muslims oppose what the terrorists who call themselves Muslims are doing.   However, even if less than one in 100,000  support terrorism, that is enough to pose a threat to our safety.  Ten men brought down the World Trade Towers.  Tim McVey wasn’t a Muslim but he destroyed the federal building in Oklahoma City, Okla., with a truck loaded with fertilizer and diesel fuel.

The situation with Muslims reminds me of Vietnam.   We weren’t completely sure which Vietnamese were friendly and which were not.  We sometimes wondered if the Vietnamese barbers who cut our hair in the afternoon would try to slip in and cut our throats at night.

The terrorists are in a win-win situation on this issue.   If we allow foreign Muslims into the country they will probably be able to occasionally  slip in a terrorist like the woman involved in the San Bernardino shooting or the man who planted a car bomb in Times Square.  If we keep them out the terrorists can use the policy to convince Muslims we hate them.

Those who criticize Trump are ignoring the fact that he is more familiar with what terrorists can do than the rest of us.  His hometown New York City has been successfully attacked twice and nearly was the victim of a third attack.

Trump is aware of the fact that American intelligence about the Middle East has been weak for decades.  The CIA failed to warn of the attack on the American embassy in Iran in the seventies and the 9/11 attack in 2001.

Many of the people in the Middle East hate the United States because of European and American meddling in their affairs during the 20th Century.  European nations took over much of the region after World War I and imposed artificial political boundaries.   Later the United States helped the tyrant known as the Shah of Iran take control of that country and Saddam Hussein rule Iraq.

Efforts by Westerners to ridicule the Muslim religion also generate anti-Western hatred.  These bigots call their efforts satire, but making fun of others is only satire if they of equal or higher status.   Making fun of those with lower status is ridicule.  Making fun of those who are down adds insult to injury.

In the coming election we will need to decide whether we want to risk allowing Muslim terrorists to enter the country legally or make it harder for the terrorists by restricting the innocent majority as well as the terrorist minority.

Gravity Cools the Atmosphere

December 10, 2015

This statement may sound strange to those who don’t understand that heat is the kinetic energy, or motion, of atoms/molecules. Actions which increase kinetic energy of atoms cause an increase in heat. Actions which decrease kinetic energy of atoms reduce heat energy thus cooling atoms/molecules. I will use molecules instead of atoms because gas atoms exist as parts of molecules and at atmospheric temperatures atoms in molecules behave as a unit. The following is a simplified view of atmospheric heating and cooling involving the rising and falling of air molecules. Air currents can cause warm air and cold air to mix with heat transferring from warm air to cool air.

Inertia is the property of matter in which an object in motion will tend to stay in motion unless acted upon by some force. Gravity is a force which can increase or decrease motion. If you push a rock off a cliff, gravity will cause a downward motion with the velocity increasing as the object falls. If you throw a baseball up into the air, gravity will gradually decrease its upward motion until the baseball stops going up and gravity starts to pull it back down to the ground.

Physicists determined in the 19th Century that heat was the motion, or kinetic energy, of atoms. Individual molecules have their own kinetic energy which physicists call “heat”. There is a common misconception that heating causes molecules to vibrate. Heat causes motion in molecules but molecules seldom have freedom of movement. Molecules in solids are held in place in a matrix. Attempts to move result in vibration unless molecules become hot enough to break the bonds of the matrix, such as when ice melts. Gas molecules bounce off each other like ping pong balls in a bingo machine which in effect is vibration.

As the sun heats the earth’s surface, air molecules in thermal contact with the surface begin absorbing heat energy from the ground. Two substances in what physicists call “thermal contact” will attempt to become the same temperature. Although the process is far more complicated than what happens with billiard balls on a pool table, the behavior of billiard balls is one way of visualizing how energy is transferred from molecule to molecule.

As air molecules heat up they begin to rise from the earth’s surface because warm air is less dense, and thus lighter, than cool air. As air molecules bounce off each other the area they cover spreads out and there are fewer molecules per cubic meter. The upward movement allows cooler air to flow in under the warm air and begin heating. The process continues as long as some air is cooler than the ground.

The atmosphere also receives heat energy from the evaporation of water. The water vapor comes from bodies of water and the ground as well as the evaporation of water from plants and animals. For example, the human body cools itself by perspiring water to the outside of the skin where it evaporates and takes the heat energy into the atmosphere.

The heat energy held by water vapor involves more than just its temperature. Water vapor also holds what physicists call latent heat which includes the heat energy that must be absorbed for water to go from a solid to a liquid [heat of fusion] and from a liquid to a gas [heat of vaporization]. Other gases also possess latent heat , but they are gases at atmospheric temperature so they don’t go through a change of state that would involve this heat. Water is normally a liquid or solid at atmospheric temperature.

When matter rises from the earth’s surface it must turn part of its kinetic energy into potential energy to overcome the force of gravity. This process affects all matter regardless of whether it is as big as a rocket or as small as a water molecule. The conversion of kinetic energy into potential energy doesn’t cause a loss of energy, just a change in status from what might be called “active” energy to “inactive” energy. The is analogous to charging a battery.

Objects, including gas molecules, above ground have potential energy because that energy will become kinetic energy if they fall, If some of the kinetic energy (i.e., heat) of gas molecules didn’t change to potential energy gas molecules would gain energy from the movement upward which is impossible.

When gas molecules rise the conversion of kinetic energy into potential energy causes them to slow down and thus become “cooler”, The cooling process is slow because of the low mass of gas molecules, particularly water vapor which consists of an oxygen atom and two atoms of hydrogen which is the element with the lowest mass. High air pressure blocks this cooling by preventing warm air from rising.

When matter begins falling back to the ground, gravity converts its potential energy back into kinetic energy. As gravity increases the kinetic energy of solid objects when they fall, the velocity of the object increases. Gravity generally doesn’t increase the kinetic energy of individual gas molecules[cause heating] as they fall back to the ground. Instead, gravity increases the kinetic energy of the air mass, or wind. An exception is the Chinook winds that sometimes occur along the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains.

In its gaseous state water molecules are lighter than the other molecules of the other atmospheric gases. Although water molecules can fall back to earth as gas molecules, they usually condense into liquid droplets or freeze into ice particles. If the ice particles are large enough, they can acquire enough kinetic energy as they fall to cause damage to solid objects on the ground. If water drops freeze on tree limbs or power lines when they near the ground their kinetic energy will temporarily become potential energy which can become kinetic energy if whatever they attach to falls.

The amount of potential energy held by water is determined by the distance it rises above sea level rather than just its distance from the ground. Generally water droplets will transfer their kinetic energy to whatever they hit such as human skin. If sufficient water hits on a slope, the kinetic energy of the flood water can be sufficient to move dirt or in rare cases buildings.