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Boycott Theater Complexes Showing “The Campaign”

August 7, 2012

People should protest the showing of the movie “The Campaign” by staying away from the theater complexes that show it. Promos indicate the movie contains a totally unacceptable scene in which a man apparently hits a baby.

In the scene one man is shown starting to punch another man. The second man ducks resulting in the first man apparently hitting a baby in the face. The movie is being promoted as a comedy but there is no way an adult hitting a baby can be considered funny by any normal person. The movie doesn’t show the punch actually hitting the baby. but the implication is that the baby was hit.

A man apparently hitting a baby isn’t funny. When an adult hits a baby in the head sometimes the baby dies.

The standard comedy routine of a person being hit by mistake is for the person being hit to be a tough guy such as Sylvester Stallone. Having an adult hit a baby instead is sick, not funny. Only bullies hit those who are unable to protect themselves. Bullies are the ones most likely to be drawn to theaters to see an adult hit a baby.

The best way to protest this objectionable film would be to boycott the entire theater complex that is showing the movie rather than just boycotting the movie. Boycotting all movies at the complex will provide a greater incentive for the owner to replace the offensive film with another. If people only boycott the offensive film the owner only faces a loss on that film. If all films are boycotted he can’t make up the loss with the other films.

At mall theaters, boycotters should consider staying away from the mall while the film is being shown.

Child abuse is a major national problem. The news media regularly carry stories about babies who have been beaten or shaken to death. Movie makers should not try to make the subject seem less serious by presenting child abuse as something to laugh at.