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Russia Isn’t America’s Enemy

August 8, 2016

Hillery Clinton claims that Donald Trump cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons.   Actually, it’s Hillary Clinton and her supporters I don’t trust with nuclear weapons.   Based on comments made at the Democratic convention they still think Russia is our enemy.

Hillary’s preoccupation with nuclear weapons implies she thinks there is a possibility of a new cold war with Russia even though there would be  no reason for such a war.unless she created one

We need a president who recognizes that Russia is not our enemy.  The Cold War ended decades ago.

Russia is not our enemy.  Neither is the Democratic Republic of Vietnam or the People’s Republic of China.   There is no international communist conspiracy to take over the world.  The United States is even normalizing relations with Cuba.

Anti-Russian groups  misrepresent Russia as the villain in the Ukraine civil war  instead of recognizing that the real villain  is the  European Union and/or President Barack Obama.

The fact is that when Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych rejected a demand to turn control of Ukraine over to the European Union, a Nazi Germany like “fifth column” overthrew the legitimate government and replaced it with an EU puppet government.  There is disagreement about whether the EU or President Barack Obama directed the coup.  The West Europeans and the United States both have a history of such behavior.   The quick recognition of the rebel’s control by the EU means the EU was aware of the plot even if it didn’t order it.

The illegal change in government broke any contract between Ukraine and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.   The people of Crimea were free to become independent or seek an association with Russia.  Thus there is nothing wrong with Russia working with Crimea.

The anti-Russian attitudes expressed by some of the rebels created an understandable fear of  a Balkan type “ethnic cleansing” campaign against ethnic Russians.   Ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine recognized they were not wanted  and sought to separate from Ukraine.  Russia has been far more restrained in responding to this situation then the United States has been in the past.

The United States has invaded other countries for far less significant reasons.  The U.S. invasion of Libya could be used as justification for Russian intervention in eastern Ukraine.