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Tired of Whining Homosexuals

April 22, 2014

I feel sorry for homosexuals because they are afflicted with a birth defect they seem unable to understand. However, I’m tired of them and their supporters harassing those who don’t accept their peculiar social views.

A growing body of scientific research indicates that homosexuals are born with the brain of one sex and the body of the other. A homosexual male’s brain is similar to a heterosexual female’s brain. A homosexual female’s brain is similar to a heterosexual male’s brain. In other words the people who think they are homosexuals are really transsexuals. Thus, homosexuality might be treatable with a sex change operation.

New York City and Boston homosexuals recently got upset because the organizers of the St. Patrick Day parades in those cities wouldn’t let homosexuals convert the parades into events celebrating homosexuality. If homosexuals want to celebrate their condition, they should conduct their own parades instead on trying to hijack other people’s parades. I sometimes wonder if the emphasis on “gay pride” is designed to convince us they are happy with their condition, or to convince themselves.

A few months ago the poor little things got all upset because one of the “Duck Dynasty” stars said homosexual behavior was morally wrong. They wanted him to be fired. If people could claim that those of us who were serving our country in Vietnam were doing something morally wrong, then people should be able to say homosexual behavior is morally wrong. Many religions call homosexual behavior a sin.

I wonder if the reason some homosexuals get upset when people say they are doing something wrong is because they feel guilty about being homosexual. People who believe what they are doing is right don’t worry about “misguided” people who say what they are doing is wrong. I didn’t listen to those who claimed my participation in the Vietnam War was wrong.

Christianity defines many behaviors, in addition to homosexuality, as sinful/ America’s favorite sin is gluttony — eating too much. Many people don’t realize that neglecting the poor is a sin. According to Ezekiel 16:49 “‘Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy.”

Cry babies at Mozilla recently pressured newly appointed CEO Brendan Eich into resigning because he didn’t support the childish idea of same sex marriage. The term “marriage” refers to the human mating practice in \which one member of each sex unites to form a unit that contains a complete set of human sexual traits. Traditionally the goal was to produce children, but not as many people are interested in being parents today.

Marriage allows heterosexuals to gain a feeling of completeness by joining with someone who possesses the characteristics of the opposite sex. A husband may refer to his wife as his “better half”. A wife may call her husband her “other half”.
No state prevents homosexuals from participating in a marriage to a member of the other sex. But, homosexuals don’t want to attempt the difficult task of having a relationship with someone who is different from them. Homosexuals want to treat a simple relationship with someone who is the same as them as if it were the same as a relationship with someone who is physiologically and psychologically different..

Homosexuals who want to pretend their relationships are “marriages” remind me of little girls playing house. If they cannot find a boy willing to play the daddy one of the girls will play daddy.

Homosexuals who want to play like their relationships are marriages are implying they don’t want to be homosexual. They want to copy a heterosexual relationship because they would prefer to be normal heterosexuals. They don’t understand that they can become heterosexual by having an operation to put their bodies on the same sexual page as their brains.

Newsweek in a May, 2012, cover article dubbed Barack Obama the “First Gay President”. WND says in an article based on confidential interviews of members of Trinity United Church of Christ where Obama is a member that Obama is “Down Low” as many black male homosexuals refer to themselves. Those who are Down Low keep a low profile and marry women, some times without telling them about their homosexuality. I mention this claim because WND isn’t the only source of claims that Obama is homosexual and because online sources have often revealed activities or statements by politicians well ahead of the mainstream media. Amazon even carries a book dealing with an alleged homosexual affair Obama had. The American people deserve to know if Obama is supporting homosexual causes because he is one.

On the other hand, considering Obama’s support for homosexuals on various political issues, wouldn’t he admit he is homosexual? The WND article states that Obama’s pastor arranged marriages between homosexual men and women who were having trouble finding husbands, but Michelle.doesn’t look like a woman who would have trouble finding a husband. Obviously Obama doesn’t consider homosexual behavior to be wrong. Knowing that the President of the United States is homosexual would provide a major boost to homosexuals and would encourage those who are “Down Low” to publicly acknowledge their condition. Maybe he needs some encouragement from homosexuals to come out of the closet. Maybe the mainstream media could help resolve the issue by investigating it.

Protesting Obamacare 60’s Style

April 11, 2014

No, I’m not suggesting anyone should burn a draft card or stage a sit-in in the office of Secretary Kathleen Gilligan Sebelius. Those who feel Obamacare will adversely affect them should conduct a “sue-in”. They should file individual lawsuits challenging the law on grounds it will harm them as individuals.

The class action lawsuits various states filed against the law didn’t force the courts to deal with the hardships the law would create for some individuals. Individual cases can present the courts with actual evidence of individuals who would be adversely affected being forced to purchase insurance. General government guidelines may not allow for the financial situations of everyone. Some individuals will lose their ability to obtain the health care they need if they have to purchase insurance that won’t cover their treatment.

In Roe v. Wade the Supreme Court stated that health care decisions involve the right to privacy. Requiring people to pay for health treatment by purchasing insurance could be portrayed as being inconsistent with the right of the individual to control personal health care decisions.

Some young adults have huge education debts that would be difficult to pay off it they have to pay for health insurance. In some families the oldest child may want to help younger siblings pay for college. Some are willing to take the risk of not having insurance so they can save money for the down payment on a house or realize the dream of starting a business. What right has the government to tell them they must forget their dreams? Don’t “the Blessings of Liberty” the Constitution is supposed to guarantee include a right to take personal risks to obtain those blessings?

Those who claim a financial hardship could offer the judge a choice of eliminating the requirement they purchase insurance or changing the guidelines that determine who receives government assistance to purchase insurance.

Insurance companies don’t cover all potential treatments for medical problems. Often they rationalize not paying for the treatment by calling it “experimental”. A law that requires individuals to purchase health care through insurance companies in effect may make it illegal for people to seek some types of potentially life saving medical treatment. Such a law would be inconsistent with Roe v. Wade.

Recent scientific research confirms the claims of some transsexuals that they feel they are trapped in the body of the opposite sex. Brain studies indicate some people do have a brain of one sex and the body of the other. Thus surgery to make the body of the same sex as the brain is corrective surgery rather than elective surgery. Transsexuals shouldn’t be prevented from seeking such surgery because they have to use their health care money to purchase insurance that won’t correct the birth defect that causes their Gender Identity Disorder.

In cases such as those involving experimental treatment or sexual correction surgery, plaintiffs should ask the courts to either exempt them from having to purchase insurance that won’t help them or require insurance
companies to cover the treatment these people need. Attorneys might want to point out to Supreme Court Justices that if government or insurance companies can decide insurance doesn’t have to cover some procedures then coverage for abortions could be eliminated.

Perhaps non-profit organizations opposed to Obamacare could help finance these lawsuits. Another possibility would be for the states that filed class action lawsuits to represent individuals filing their own lawsuits, Assistance by non-profit groups and governments could encourage a sufficient number of individuals to file lawsuits to convince the courts there is a problem with the law.