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Hire the People on the Border to Build the Wall

May 22, 2019

When is  President Donald Trump going to recognize that the  best way to deal with the border people is to hire them to build the wall?

Hiring the border people to build the wall  would create a win  / win  situation.  The border people would win by getting jobs.

People living in the United States would win because people entering  the country from the south in the future would have to pass though check points where they could be screened for contagious diseases.   The recent measles outbreaks demonstrate the potential danger of open  borders.     Dangerous diseases like tuberculosis  that are largely controlled in the United States can  be common in countries some “illegals” come from.   There are more HIV/AIDS deaths per million south of our border than in our country.

A century ago a judge might have agreed to punish illegal immigrants by forcing them to build a wall.  Judges no longer order such forced labor, but the government can hire immigrants to build a wall.

The large number of unemployed people on the border provide a golden opportunity to build a wall that was first needed in the 19th Century when raiders would cross the border to attack settlers.  We need to take advantage of the opportunity to build the wall now.    Having the border people construct the wall would produce a work force that could be used to construct the infrastructure projects we also need. Trump’s economic program is creating so many jobs that we may not otherwise have enough extra workers for essential infrastructure projects.