Is Hillary’s Malady a Concussion or a Stroke?

I initially thought Hillary’s “concussion” sounded a little too conveniently timed, you know like those ailments we got before school on days when we hadn’t completed the day’s assignment. However, now I’m wondering if all the precautions they are taking indicate her condition is more serious than we are being told.

Women Hillary’s age are susceptible to strokes, including so called “mini strokes”, that can cause falls. Hillary’s father died of a stroke which means she has a family history of stroke susceptibility.

The Obama administration attempts to minimize the appearance of problems such as the one Hillary was scheduled to testify about. Hillary herself would want to suppress any announcement that she had had a stroke, even a minor one with no significant damage, because voters might not vote for someone who had had a stroke for president.

The stress associated with testifying before Congress could cause an increase in blood pressure for those who testify and high blood pressure is a risk factor for strokes.

Women experiencing a stroke can have symptoms such as nausea and tiredness that are similar to other ailments.

With prompt treatment, which Hillary is likely to have received, significant damage can be avoided.

We probably will never know if Hillary had some type of stroke unless she has the courage to tell us. If she did have a stroke, I hope she has enough sense to realize she needs to find a less stressful career. I suspect she could name her salary if she decided to apply for a job at one of the cable news channels.


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