Could Californian Become 1st Woman President?

No, I’m not suggesting that Rep. Nancy Pelosi might inherit the office. That could only happen if President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were to die at about the same time before the Republicans take control of the House of Representatives in January.

The Republican candidates in California for governor (Meg Whitman) and U.S. Senate (Carly Fiorina) are potential presidential candidates. Obviously, it is too late for either to run for the 2012 nomination, but they could seek the nomination in 2016 or 2020 if they can successfully make the transition from corporate CEO to the political arena.

Both have significant executive experience as former CEOs of major corporations. Whitman was the CEO of eBay which became a major corporation while many other dot coms failed. Fiorina was also in a high tech company as CEO of Fortune 500 company Hewlett Packard.

One reason we haven’t had a woman president is the relative lack of potential female presidential candidates. The only women to make a significant run for the nomination so far were the wives of the 1996 major party presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Dole. Although Dole did have her own career which included heading the Red Cross, her presidential bid was due to the career of husband Sen. Bob Dole.

I suspect Elizabeth Dole would have been a stronger presidential candidate in 1996 than her husband Bob. Hillary would have been a stronger candidate in 2008 than Barack Obama and would probably have been a better president than Obama. Many of us thought Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice would have been a better Republican presidential candidate in 2008, but she wasn’t interested in the job. Some are encouraging her to run in 2012.

Most 20th Century presidents were former executives. Seven former governors occupied the White House for over 57 years. In addition, President William Howard Taft had served as the appointed governor-general of the Philippines before becoming president. Three other presidents had executive experience. Herbert Hoover and George H.W. Bush had been cabinet secretaries. Dwight Eisenhower was Supreme Allied Commander in Europe during World War II.

Five former Senators served as President, but three of them had been vice presidents before becoming president

Four of the nation’s first five presidents were among the business leaders of their day. Their businesses weren’t as big as the businesses Whitman and Fiorina headed, but then neither was the federal government.

Whitman and Fiorina helped make our high tech world what it is. The business leaders who served as our initial presidents helped make our country a nation.

Democrats are going all out to defeat Whitman and Fiorina who represent the present and the future. California Democrats believe California voters long for the past with candidates born in the Depression era.

The Democrat running for governor is Jerry “Moonbean” Brown who was governor back in the era of Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter. When Brown was governor, microcomputers had only limited capabilities and use was limited to the technologically savvy.

Senator Barbara Boxer appears to be afflicted with terminal Senator disorder. Like former Senators Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd she seems addicted to being a Senator and doesn’t know how to retire. She will keep coming up with excuses to stay in the Senate until voters get tired of her.

Whitman and Fiorina are high tech candidates. Brown and Boxer are old tech candidates.

Whitman and Fiorina are strong independent women who speak their own minds. Democrats prefer women like Boxer who believe and say what they are told to believe and say.


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