What Are Democrats Hiding on Health Care?

The Patriot Update has posted an online petition at Vision to America to “demand that CSPAN be allowed to provide live TV coverage of negotiations and committee meetings.” They are concerned that “Failure to allow live TV coverage will provide Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid with the secret back-room necessary to make the secret pay-offs.”

Democrats received some negative comments after it was discovered that they had bribed Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson by offering to pay for new Medicaid recipients in Nebraska only. Democratic Senators in most other states apparently gave their votes away without getting anything for their voters. We can only speculate about whether they received something of value for themselves such as campaign contributions or consideration for a federal job.

Barack Obama campaigned for President by claiming he was something new. Since being elected he has acted like President George W. Bush by pushing corporate bailouts and huge deficits. He is similar to former President Richard Nixon in is penchant for secrecy and anti-press attitudes, including wanting to keep health care negotiations hidden in the back rooms so voters and the media won’t know what is really going on. His purchase of health care votes is like President Lyndon Johnson

If the real reason for health care legislation is to improve health care access there is no reason to handle the legislation in secret. Those of us who have been around for several presidential elections know that when politicians do things, other than foreign policy, in secret it is usually because they have ulterior motives.

Sometimes in foreign policy, particularly in negotiations, secrecy is necessary to get the best deal from other countries or to get an advantage on an adversary.

Democrats have essentially admitted that there is no hurry on health care legislation. Some provisions of the current bill won’t even go into effect until 2013. Why are they hurrying unless they are hoping to get the legislation passed before we have a chance to read the fine print?

The demand for open discussion of health care should be led by the old media, particularly the Washington Post and New York Times who went to court to publish the Pentagon Papers dealing with the Vietnam War. Instead it is being led by the blogosphere in the form of the Patriot Update which describes it’s site as “Free Press for the Conservative Revolution”.


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