Symbolic Recall of Obamacare Supporters

The U.S. Citizens Association is attempting to do the impossible by petitioning to recall Senators who voted for Obamacare. Although recalling those members of Congress who want to wreck the health care system might be desirable, it isn’t authorized by the Constitution.

The best voters can do is to sign symbolic petitions that would authorize recall of Senators or Representatives if such a option were available.

States have the authority to authorize the recall of state officials because state constitutions determine the method of removing those holding offices defined by state constitutions. However, the U.S. Constitution defines the selection procedures and qualifications for elected federal officials along with their terms of service and the methods for removing them from office.

Incidentally, the U.S. Citizens Association says its mission is “To educate the voters on critical issues driving governmental policy, and why capitalism and individual liberty are vital to a robust economy (and to educate on how failures of Statist policies have led us into the economic catastrophe we now face);…”

Voters may not have to recall members of Congress to get them to change their approach to health care. A symbolic, or virtual, recall would be easier to conduct and be more likely to succeed at demonstrating voter displeasure. The same basic petition form could be used in all states because a symbolic recall wouldn’t require adhering to procedures established by different state laws, including definition of the grounds for recall. An actual recall could be held up by the courts for a significant time. A symbolic recall could take place immediately.

In an actual recall some voters might be reluctant to remove a member of Congress because of concern about who the replacement would be. A symbolic recall would allow voters to demonstrate that they want Senators and Representatives to take a different approach to health care or other issues than the one currently being considered.

A recall effort might have a bigger impact on members of the House of Representatives who voted for Obamacare because all of them will be up for reelection this year. They might decide to change their votes to keep a symbolic recall from becoming a movement to replace them. People carrying recall petitions might later encourage voters to support an opponent in the election. A recall effort could encourage stronger candidates to seek to replace Obamacare supporters.

Voters have already scared two Obamacare Senators into retiring, perhaps they can scare others into abandoning Obamacare.


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