Obama’s Desperation on Health Care

President Barack Obama needs to abandon his obsession with the Democrats’ clunker health care proposal. His public relations campaign indicates desperation and an unwillingness to recognize that this clunker needs a new engine rather than a slick advertising campaign.

Obama started out wrong by attempting to force the very complex measure through Congress with limited debate. This high pressure salesmanship approach created a suspicion that something very bad was hidden in the fine print of the measure because high pressure salesmen often hide important information of contracts.

Most of us are especially suspicious of politicians when they ask us to trust them after presenting a measure so complex that it might take a decade of lawsuits to figure out. The claim about so-called “death panels” might have been false, but many so distrusted the measure that they readily believed the claim.

Suspicions about Obama’s intent also caused many to believe that he had some ulterior motive with the public option provision. Obama’s frequent public appearances may be counterproductive because he comes across too much like the stereotypical used car dealer who runs ads every half hour. Democrats need a new health proposal not an expanded public relations campaign to sell the current clunker.

A successful president needs to follow the advice of the “Gambler” in the Kenny Rogers song. He needs to “know when to hold ’em [and] know when to fold ’em.” This is the time for Obama to “fold ’em” on health care and wait for Congress to deal a new hand.


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