Obama, Show Us the CARFAX [tm]

President  Barack Obama  resembles the  used  car dealer in  the CARFAX commercial.

You’ve probably seen the commercial.  A sleazy used car dealer is attempting to push a customer into buying  an apparent clunker.  The  customer  says he won’t buy without seeing the CARFAX which would provide a history of the car so the customer would know what he was getting.

Obama has been pressuring Congress to  adopt  some type of health care related program without the lengthy debate that should precede any major change in health care.  Obama’s attempt to force the issue implied a major flaw with the proposal, perhaps something so unpopular that he was afraid people would find out about if the measure wasn’t adopted quickly.

Used car salesmen long ago gained a bad reputation as a group because some of them have misrepresented  the condition of the vehicles or the mileage they get.  Southern California used car dealers once supposedly would misrepresent a car’s use by saying it had been owned by a “little old lady from Pasadena who only drove it to church on Sundays.”  Or at least they did until the Beach Boys released a song about “The Little Old Lady from  Pasadena”  who was “the terror of Colorado Boulevard”  in her ” brand new shiny red super stock Dodge.”

Some of today’s used car   dealers will sell cars that have been wrecked or in a flood to unsuspecting customers who don’t insist on seeing the vehicle’s  CARFAX.

Comparing presidents to used car dealers isn’t new.  In the late 60’s the question was asked about Richard Nixon, “would you buy a used car from this man?”

Did Obama try to force the issue because his proposal really isn’t about providing better access to health care but providing money for the health care industry, including insurance companies?

Forcing people to purchase insurance whether they want it or not would certainly increase insurance company revenues.  The public option would provide billions more in income for health care providers so that more hospitals can afford to pay administrators such as Michelle Obama $300K salaries.  The public option can make it easier for insurance companies to reject those with medical conditions and let the government pay for treatment.

Perhaps Obama is worried people will discover the Massachusetts Plan he wants is a clunker that the state is considering a plan to ration health care.

Obama’s attempt to force the issue provided  the atmosphere in which a fear about “death panels” could develop.   The idea may have originated  from  statements by some of those associated with Obama who might play a role in implementing any legislation than specific provisions in the act.

Contrary to denials by Obama supporters, an increased government role in health care could create virtual death panels.  Having government control access to health care could  create virtual death panels.    If a private insurance denies coverage for treatment of a potentially fatal disorder, the patient has the option of  asking friends and family to raise money for the treatment.  If  government  took control of health care,  that option might not be available.   A government  agency decision to deny payment for treatment might become a death sentence because private financing might not be allowed.

I might have purchased a used car from Richard Nixon, at least before Watergate, but there is no way I would buy one from Barack Obama.


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