The Best Health Insurance Program

During the coming weeks we will be hearing about the nation’s best health insurance program.  It doesn’t cover  a wide variety of disorders, but it provides complete coverage  for  the type of disorders it covers — the various forms of Muscular Dystrophy.

The Muscular Dystrophy Association provides  assistance  in the form of wheelchairs as well as  medical treatment for  those  whose  form of MD can be treated.   The MDA doesn’t require patients to have other insurance or make payments.

The MDA isn’t the only charitable health organization.   St. Jude’s Hospital provides treatment to children without regard to ability to pay as do the Shriners’ Hospitals.

Charitable hospitals once played a major role in American health care until administrators discovered they could make a profit by charging government and private insurance for health care.  The organizations that once funded many of these hospitals gradually allowed the hospitals to become self supporting by charging patients and their insurance companies.

Churches and other charitable organizations need to play  a greater role in providing health care to those who  find it too expensive.   I don’t expect  Democrats  to support  this approach because they want to make the federal government  bigger even though  the federal government doesn’t  do anything particularly well.  It even has trouble running the post office or fighting wars  in spite of the fact  it  has handled  both functions  since before the current constitution was adopted.

I doubt that the Ferengi Republicans like Rush Limbaugh  will be interested in encouraging charitable organizations,  but perhaps the religious Republicans might.

Incidentally, I emailed some suggestions on health care to the Obama administration earlier this year when it requested input.  I originally wrote it in 1992 and expanded it during the Clinton administration, with occasionally mailings to politicians.  It’s a work in progress that I haven’t done much with for several years.     I really need to go back through it and do a better job of making the various parts fit together, but with the politicians we have now,  I don’t think it’s worth the time.


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