Obama Not Trustworthy on Health Care

Why should we believe statements about health care from the most secretive president since Richard Nixon? We have no way of knowing if presidents who keep significant secrets in some areas are telling the truth on other matters. Barack Obama’s continued refusal to release minor personal documents like his actual birth certificate, college records, etc. implies he is covering up important information that we should know about. Unless his critics are correct, none of the information should have any adverse affect other than possibly causing some embarrassment. A president who feels he has to keep personal secrets is very likely to also keep secrets about his proposals including those involving health care. He shouldn’t be surprised that many people suspect he has ulterior motives for some proposals and may be lying about their impact. Obama has lied on other important issues. Last year he said there wouldn’t be any new taxes for most of us. After being elected he proposed huge tax on carbon emissions that will affect all of us. The purpose of the tax is to allow the greedy financial interests who bought the White House for him to make billions trading “carbon credits”. I don’t know if his critics are correct that the refusal to release his actual birth certificate is due to him being born outside the U.S., but there doesn’t appear to be any other reason for him to keep the birth certificate secret. Does the birth certificate indicate Obama was born outside the U.S. or could it include information that might indicate that Obama is not the child mentioned on the certificate? Perhaps the real Barack Obama died shortly after birth and his mother in a humanitarian move adopted an African orphan to replace the baby she lost. She then used the U.S. certificate to make it appear her new child was born in the U.S. Incidentally there is now a claim that someone has found a Kenyan birth registration indicating he was born in Kenya. As was the case with the document used to claim he was born in Hawaii, the other side suggests it is a forgery. And, like the Hawaiian document, it merely states that there is a birth certificate rather than being an actual birth certificate. Those who believe the document is valid suggest it may have been produced in connection with his mother’s divorce case.


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