Obamacare = Bad HMO

A group of bicyclists are riding across the country raising money to provide the latest NASA developed rehabilitative equipment called secure ambulation modules for military veterans injured in the current conflicts.   My first reaction to seeing the story on a local tv station was “isn’t that great”.  We have people wanting to devote time and energy to help injured veterans.

After thinking about it for a while,  I wondered why veterans needed outside assistance to fund their medical care.  Don’t we have a president who claims he will correct deficiencies in health care?

So why doesn’t President Barack Obama provide state of the art health care to federal employees who were “injured on the job?”   Why did he at one point suggest requiring veterans pay for their own treatment for service connected injuries?  Pressure from veterans forced him to back down.

Obama’s failure to fully cover current federal employees health care costs and  attempting to reduce the health coverage provided to former  federal  employees with on the job injuries indicates he isn’t telling the truth when he says his proposal won’t result in reduced  health coverage.

I learned long ago to evaluate politicians according to what they do rather than what they say.   Obama says his proposal will increase health care, but his actions indicate he wants to do the opposite.

I also learned that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is.   I doubt that Obama’s promises about health care are worth any more than Bernie Madoff’s promises to make his clients richer.


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